Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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Bitcoin & Brexit: What People Are Saying About It

I've made a few tweets already about how the GBP/BTC value has been rising around brexit. My thoughts I'm definitely seeing the Bitcoin price rising in the very near future. it's not just brexit, but Donald and Turkey that are some...

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get paid to test apps

The Best Site that Pays People to Test Android & iOS Apps

App testing, paid for by Android and iOS  developers that want to improve their products... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K6m5kUhngk TheBetaFamily.com This website connects developers and testers alike; the plus side is that the testers (in this case you), can earn $10 per app that you test. Of course this is great, however, don't quit your day...
throwing money

Simple Offline CPA Method That Requires Flyers

It was only a day or two ago when I was answering some questions on Quora that I stumbled across a seemingly simple question to ask, "How do you make $5000 in 4 weeks". I sat there for a moment and thought to myself, "well, anyone can make $5000...

Spoonfed: Powerful eBay SEO Techniques That Rank #1 & Generate Sales

There is a solid relationship between: The quantity of sales you generate Your search result rankings The higher you rank, the more sales you get. The more sales you get, the higher you rank. This creates a compounding effect while there is demand for your product. In this post, I will...
Niches 2016

A Handful of Niches for Early 2016

Every time the new year comes around there's a whole host of things that you should be looking out for. Things you'll want to promote, sell, blog about and even get for yourself. So what are some of the hottest niches to get involved in for 2016? Calisthenics With the coming...
old laptop

4 Ways To Make Money with Your Old Computer or Laptop

Many of us have been through a few computers on our journey through time, however we still have the old computers sat around the house. Here are 4 ways that you can make money with them. 1. Mine Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies If you're old computer is still fairly powerful then mining...