Consistency is Key to Making Money with CPA


CPA marketing questions have been coming up quite a lot recently, with people asking me how to make money with it all the time. While giving people tutorials and niches should be enough in an ideal world, many people are still failing to earn. But why?

A lot of people struggle due to language barriers, mostly indians looking to tap into EU niches but for the most part, the answer is Consistency.

There’s three parts to the C word,  and these are:

  • Quality
  • Work Ethic
  • Long Term Viability


Consistency in your quality ranges hugely, this means you need to be consistent with everything you put out, from your landing pages to your YouTube videos and to your social media profiles/pages, you must keep up a good level of quality. If you don’t feel like your landing page looks good,  the chances are,  the people visiting it think the same, and this is the difference between a high conversion rate and a dismal 0.1~ conversion rate. When you upload a video on to YouTube to advertise your CPA locked content,  try to brand your content or at least give it a legitimate feel by showing people yourself using the end product.

CPA Work Ethic

While you will occasionally hit a great niche where you set and forget a CPA landing page that makes money for months,  that doesn’t mean you should stop. Treat CPA like a real job,  allocate yourself time and days devoted to different things, such as keyword research, new niche potentials, social media marketing and SEO. The Internet is so full of distractions that it can be super difficult to stay focused,  especially for those of you who are new or don’t rely on Internet marketing as a primary source of income, but giving yourself a structure will ensure you get things done instead of putting sub standard landing pages that gets traffic from YouTube videos that only contain an image uploaded at 360p.

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Having a good work ethic is hard for many people, I am an expert at procrastinating but one thing that has most defiantly supported my learning and earning is setting my self objectives and targets; generally my targets are things I want to achieve such as rank for my keywords, and my objectives are more manageable and achievable steps towards my target. I don’t need to mention ‘goals’ because that’s pretty obvious… Make De monehz.

Long Term Viability

Not only do you,  “the CPA guy”, need to be consistent, but your landing pages need to consistently make money, the first step towards this is beING consistently legal and within your network’s terms.

Guess why…

  1. so you don’t get your site blacklisted
  2. so you don’t get legal action taken against you
  3. so you don’t get banned from your network

If you chose two or less of these options, you are a fool and need to realise that while the Internet is relatively intangible,  it makes real money but can land you in a heap of real trouble, therefore you should avoid blackhat niches entirely.

Although I’m a little ashamed to say it,  I do kinda support ‘greyhat’ methods, meaning methods that don’t break and laws or rules but aren’t the nicest. They are long term viable, but there are only a certain amount of people on earth so repeat returning traffic is essential and only obtained via. white hat niches unless you are fortunate to attract cretins to your site’s.