The answer is PPV traffic, but a certain type of PPV traffic.

If you don’t know what PPV traffic is, it’s pay-per-view traffic. It’s similar in a sense to pay-per-click traffic.

But it’s far cheaper and when used in conjunction with CPA offers, you can make some serious money.


  • An account with MaxBounty. They have the highest paying offers and allow this type of advertising.
  • A DirectCPV account.

The Secret Traffic Source People Aren’t Telling About

PPV traffic is “pop-up traffic”. DirectCPV allows you to put pop-ups on any site you choose, for a penny per view.

Get an iPhone offer from MaxBounty that pays you $5 per email submit. Pop it up on any page on Pay $0.01 per pop-up view. Profit.

PPV allows you to choose ANY URL that you want. I can’t stress this more. But trust me, it’s incredibly powerful.

The Math

DirectCPV allows you to show pop-ups on any site you want for $0.015 per view, and lets say our MaxBounty offer pays us $60 per sign-up to a free trial.

To break-even, only 1-4000 people need to click your offer.

The Magic

Lets say we choose an offer for some weight-loss pills that earn us $25 per sign up. We can then scour the internet for every single site that sells the pills more expensively. Add each site to the list of URLs we want our pop-up to show on.

Ask yourself, would you fill in a “Win $100 Best Buy Vouchers” offer if you were on Most people would at least consider it.

The view costs $0.015 and the offer pays you $2 when some simply submits an email address.

Scaling up and improving

If you really want to improve and make bigger amounts of money, make web-pages that look like the ones that your offers are on to increase your legitimacy. Enough so that people assume it is actually being offered by the website.

The more websites you target with DirectCPV, the better.

The Correct Settings for Your Campaign

First of all, make sure that your offer fits all the terms and conditions, especially with CPA offers you want to make sure there are no exit pop-ups otherwise they simply won’t be accepted.


Then sit back and wait

You will have to wait a period of time for your ads to be accepted, but don’t be deterred, you will get a response.

Make sure that you set your daily cap so you can test to see what works best and then scale up in the right direction and stop poorer campaigns before it gets out of hand.

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Be sure to leave a comment. Any thoughts, improvements, questions and feedback is welcomed!

Until next time, Josh

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  • Kenzy Ahmed

    Hello Josh … I liked your Article and I joined DirectCPV network and start my first Campaign but they didn’t approve it yet … I want to know How long time fore accepting my first campaign.

    • It usually doesn’t take too long. It took me 2-3 days, but I contacted them directly. Be patient!

    • It shouldn’t be too long! You can always email them if you’d look an update. That’s what I did 🙂

  • Oscar Schult

    Hello Josh. I’m giving CPA a try and landed at this post. I must say I found it tailor made for me. I’m far from “Scaling Up” but would you give me a link to expand a little bit on the idea of making web pages similar to the offer?