The Most Popular Paid-to-Test Sites


This video with show you how to get paid to test websites by showcasing the top user testing and website usability sites, user testing is any easy way to make money online through paid testing.

Sites that pay you to test websites and apps

Most of them require you to have a windows pc and a microphone, but many also offer android, iOS, Mac and Linux website testing opportunities where you can make money.

Payment Proof from User Testing Sites


whatusersdo payment proof
WhatUsersDo payment proof



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  1. […] Sites such as WhatUsersDo pay people to “test” websites and applications, and no, you don’t have to be technologically gifted to complete the tests. Companies go to user testing sites so they can get feedback from a huge range of people all varying in age, geo-location and computer skills. I wrote a post and did a video on user testing sites here. […]

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