How To Make Money with MaxBounty & PPV Ads


PPV traffic simply means pay per view traffic. This means that you will pay the advertising network every time your website or advertisement is displayed to a viewer.

It’s often far cheaper then pay-per-click advertising(PPC), and when used in conjunction with CPA offers, you can make some serious money.

In this tutorial, I’m going to take you through a very popular method of making money online. It’s simple, scalable and fairly future-proof.

Essentials–Sign Up Now!

  • An account with a CPA network (choose one):
  • An account with a PPV advertising network (choose one):
    • DirectCPV
    • MobiCow
    • LeadImpact

What Is PPV?

PPV traffic is “pop-up traffic”.

DirectCPV, for example, allows you to put pop-ups on any site you choose, for a penny per view.

So, Mr. Simple over here, goes to MaxBounty.. There, he chooses some “win an a new iPhone 8” offer; one that pays him $5 per signup that he refers.

He goes back to DirectCPV, says he wants to show it on and (in the apple section).

Yes, PPV allows you to choose ANY URL that you want. You can probably imagine the power behind that.

Throws a few dollars at it, waits, profits, repeats. And, if it fails, he tries a different angle, or perfects his mistakes from the first attempt.

The Math Behind The Operation

DirectCPV allows you to show pop-ups on any site you want for approximately $0.015 per view.

Lets say our MaxBounty offer pays us $60 per sign-up to a free trial; MaxBounty has a tonne of high-paying offers.

To break-even, only 1-4000 people need to sign up. To something that is Free.

$60 divided by $0.015 is 4000.

The Magic

Lets say we choose an offer for some weight-loss pills that earn us $25 per sign up. We can then scour the internet for every single site that sells the pills more expensively. Add each site to the list of URLs we want our pop-up to show on.

Ask yourself, would you fill in a “Win $100 Best Buy Vouchers” offer if you were on Most people would at least consider it.

The view costs $0.015 and the offer pays you $2 when some simply submits an email address.

Scaling up and improving

If you really want to improve and make bigger amounts of money, make web-pages that look like the ones that your offers are on to increase your legitimacy. Enough so that people assume it is actually being offered by the website.

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The more websites you target with DirectCPV, the better.

Example Settings for a DirectCPV Campaign

First of all, make sure that your offer fits all the terms and conditions, especially with CPA offers you want to make sure there are no exit pop-ups otherwise they simply won’t be accepted.

Start a campaign

Next, create a new campaign by going to the top right of your DirectCPV dashboard.

create campaign directcpv

Set your targeted countries

Then, choose the exact “geo-location” of the traffic that you want, this is very important for CPA offers as many only want people from certain countries… If you’re with CPAGrip, CPALead or AdWorkMedia, it’s best to target their european offers, more specifically French, Swiss and Belgium offers as they pay the most, or just join MaxBounty so you can promote higher paying offers.

setting geolocation directcpv

Set your defaults for your ad groups

After that, set up your DirectCPV Ad Groups, I would seriously advise setting a low daily cap so that you don’t overspend on something that isn’t working correctly for you, this will allow you a few shots to experiment and improve on your advertising.

Beware, the views come very fast, so set a daily cap.

direct cpv adgroup settings

Set your landing page

Once that is done, put your CPA offer URL in the landing page option, and make sure you set type as “URL type”. You can try out the keyword type, but I find it converts less because keywords can relate to literally anything, so if you do use it, make sure you’re setting long tail keywords.

Choose the URLs you want to target (choose wisely)

Copy and paste all of your targeted URLs in, but make sure you’re targeting pages where people will be interested in your offer. The actually home page of the offer (if allowed), retail stores and blog posts about the said product that already exist. Just use your common sense.

direct cpv targetted urls

Do a final check over your ads

And finally, set all the final options for each URL, if you’ve got loads then use the bulk edit options (highlighted in yellow).

direct cpv options

Then sit back and wait

You will have to wait a period of time for your ads to be accepted, but don’t be deterred, you will get a response.

Make sure that you set your daily cap so you can test to see what works best and then scale up in the right direction and stop poorer campaigns before it gets out of hand.


Be sure to leave a comment. Any thoughts, improvements, questions and feedback is welcomed!

Until next time, Josh


  1. Hello Josh. I’m giving CPA a try and landed at this post. I must say I found it tailor made for me. I’m far from “Scaling Up” but would you give me a link to expand a little bit on the idea of making web pages similar to the offer?

  2. Hello Josh … I liked your Article and I joined DirectCPV network and start my first Campaign but they didn’t approve it yet … I want to know How long time fore accepting my first campaign.

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