Review with Paypal Payment Proof (Paid Testing)


This just a quick post to give you a little confidence that you will actually earn some money from usertesting sites. After doing a post showcasing various user testing sites such as WhatUsersDo, (you can read the post here), here’s a few payments that I received from UserTesting Inc, obviously they’re not huge life changing sums of money but the 5 minutes each that they took to do makes it worth while. Anyway, here goes the usertesting review and payment proof. payment proof
It’s not millions but at least they pay you!

Usertesting Review from 3rd Party Sources

In this usertesting review from GlassDoor, you can really see that values it’s testers. Something that’s really important, especially when you never actually meet your employer.

Despite growing like crazy, UserTesting is still a company where individuals matter. It’s awesome to work for a company that actually cares about it’s employees and allows them to help steer the course for the future.

I found a cite brandishing the title “Is A Scam”–it’s linked to in the quote citation. This usertesting review shows that’s they’ve never miss a payment, so you can be sure to receive the same money as shown in the payment proof atop this post, on time, every time.

You get paid into your Paypal account exactly 7 days to the second from completing your test. I have been using the site for about a year now. The site has never missed the mark on this promise they make.

Here’s another picture of some payment proof, it’s from the same GlassDoor review.

Usertesting Review Payment Proof

This person’s earned more than me, but heck, I prefer blogging about these things so you can make money online!

If you have any comments or you want to add your own little usertesting review, then post in the comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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