Step by Step: CPAGrip Tutorial, Based on YouTube & SEO

CPAGrip is an attractive website because there are so many people making money with it. This post will take you through the whole “how to make money with CPAGrip” process.

First, I’m going to give a little back-story so you can understand exactly what CPAGrip is.

How I Started Making Money with CPAGrip

I made my CPAGrip account on October 14th 2014. I’d saw someone post about a “file-locking site” on Hack Forums. They bragged about how they were making YouTube videos, and how the videos were making $10-100 every day, with minimal work.

The videos showed people how to download the latest games and software. A little walk-through that directed the viewer through the download process.

It was the money that drew me to the method. I was interested in how the cash was being generated. Also, the passive/residual income was very nice too!

Once a viewer had watched their video, they’d then click on a special “download link” found in the description section. This download link would ask someone to fill out a survey to get the file that they were looking for. And every time someone completed the survey to download the files, the uploader was being paid by CPAGrip.

Imagine that a video was pushing a “leaked” release of Justin Bieber’s latest album. Although it’s highly illegal, and not at all advised (disclaimer), you can see how someone could get a lot of unlocks.

I’m not the type to push illegal content. Although the person posting this method was, I was determined to do it the legal way. If you do things that right way, they can scale and you can make way more money!

My First CPAGrip Niche

A niche as a small section of a market. The market is the audience on YouTube, your niche is a certain section of that viewership. For example, a niche could be “justin bieber songs” or “clash of clans hacks”.

When I first started, there was a “leaking” on the internet. Some information that had been released by hackers. That’s what prompted my first “CPAGrip venture”. I shan’t mention the exact niche.

But anyway, everyone was looking for the files, or at least reading about them in the news. So I figured that a guide aimed at showing people how to access the leaked files would attract a lot of attention.

The more attention (traffic) you get, the more money you make..

The Birth of The First “Campaign”

I wrote up a short and sweet guide on how to access the deep-web using tor-network. Something that is relatively easy to do.

Of course, I didn’t link them directly to the leaked files as that would be unethical and illegal on a few levels. Instead, I armed them with the knowledge of how they could get it, and targeted my video to the search terms of the people seeking the leaks.

Finally, I exported the Word document into a .pdf file. My “product” was ready for locking!

I logged into CPAGrip, chose a simple preset file-locker and plopped a download link for the guide in.

Threw together a simple YouTube video with a few pictures, royalty free backing music and some basic effects. Which took me no more than 20 minutes. Uploaded it to YouTube and put the URL in the description.

In the final quarter of the day, my video made me $76~ and I’d only worked for an hour. I agree, it isn’t a boatload.

However, the earnings came in everyday after, wavering between $20-100 everyday for the next month or so. In a sort of residual, passive income.

The best part is, these earnings compounded every time I made another campaign, of which I made maybe 1 per week. Or whenever the earnings slowed with any natural decline in demand.

Now, you’re going to learn how to do the same.

A Little Overview of What CPAGrip Is

  • CPAGrip is a CPA network.
  • CPA networks generate leads for advertisers.
  • They do this by finding publishers who want to make money (you and I).
  • These publishers then push traffic to CPA Offers.
  • This can be done in a few clever ways:
    • direct linking to offers,
    • content locking, file locking (what we’re focusing on)..

Payout’s range a lot. But, they are all within a very healthy range. Some offer completions will net you $1, some may net you $30+.

Think about it, you make some content, offer a locked file to people. 1000 people read it, 100 download it, that could get you $100-3000. For one article. Or for one video.

Making the most money from CPAGrip

If you target countries such as France, Belgium and the Netherlands; you’ll find these countries often have some of the best earning potentials. Great, provided you can speak those languages.

If you’re like me, and you don’t know those languages, you still have nothing to fear. You’ll be able to pay people to do it once you’ve got the hang of pushing your content to an audience that speaks your native language.

To put it into perspective: when I first got into CPA, I was thoroughly thrilled with earning $1 per download–as most people would be–but, it’s good to note that optimising content for other countries can make a lot of money in addition.

Now You Need Signup To CPAGrip

Now that you’ve got the general gist/theory behind what we’ll be doing, signup and take a look around the dashboard.

There are numerous tools that you’ll be able to utilise. It’s all very user-friendly and easy to use, but you’ll need to see the content that I’m talking about to really progress!

CPAGrip banner

Sign-up to CPAGrip

How Do You Generate Traffic to CPA Offers?

This is the way that I did it. I have other methods too, but this is the easiest way for you as a new publisher at CPAGrip.

To get people downloading the guide, I whipped up 3 videos using PowerPoint, a screen-recorder and a microphone.

They were simple walk-throughs showing people how to download the guide. I uploaded them to YouTube. Its a good idea to upload your videos as many video hosts as possible, here’s a list of loads of video hosts.

Once the videos were made and ready to promote, I used SEO to rank my youtube videos higher in the search results.

search engine optimization
Search engine optimization is super important!

Search Engine Optimisation is the bread and butter of most successful digital marketers. You can make it as simple and as difficult as you please. Either use tried-and tested-methods properly, or pay for black-hat rubbish that doesn’t work.

I chose the proper route, you should too. I wrote an article on how to rank YouTube videos quickly and effectively that you will find useful.

YouTube SEO

I spent a few minutes writing a good search-engine-optimized description.

I wrote a description template that you can have a look at here.

Subscribers and Views Boosting

After that, I spent just around $5 boosting the videos on my channel with views and subscribers from SEOClerks.

Annotations and Subtitles

Next, I added a few annotations to the video and finally I wrote the subtitles for the video.

SEOClerks was (and still is) the key to getting my videos to out-rank my competitors.

YouTube Search Algorithms

When people search for content on YouTube, a search algorithm sorts the videos based on a few simple factors: Trust, popularity, interactivity and tendency to be the correct video.

To rank your videos well in the search results, you need high retention youtube views, a good optimized description (use the template above), engagement (comments and replies .etc), subscribers and likes.

You can buy youtube views from these sellers.

YouTube SEO Re-cap

Just to reiterate, writing a good description and making a good video is the most important part of the story. It keeps your viewers watching, and it makes them engage with you. But, boosting your channel with SEOClerks will enable you to essentially “hack the system”, so you can push your videos up the search rankings. The metaphorical “icing to your cake”.

How Much Can You Earn from CPAGrip?

After creating a YouTube channel, uploading three videos, doing a little on-page SEO and boosting my channel with SEOClerks, I ended up with $75.43 by the end of my first day with CPAGrip.

The videos generated 1210 clicks and 55 leads, a conversion rate of 4.55%. The conversion rate (in simple terms) denotes the amount of people that end up making you some money.

Although my conversion rate was fairly low at the time, it goes without saying that given the amount of work I’d put in, as a teenager with no job, I was ecstatic with the results.

I’d earned more than someone doing a hard day’s work at a fast-food restaurant, from the comfort of my bedroom. And I did it by uploading a few videos to YouTube.

Better yet, the videos made me money every day after that until the hype died down for the files that I’d been promoted.

How did I Scale Up My Earnings?

I didn’t settle with just 3 videos, instead, I started to make more and more channels with the hope of exploiting better niches and trying new tactics. CPA even motivated me to do a few a programming courses on Codecademy to upgrade my web-dev skills.

HTML code screenshot

Although I already knew HTML, CSS and a little PHP, I now know jQuery and Javascript. These two languages–although not at all compulsory to make money with CPA–have been helpful in creating more aesthetically pleasing landing pages.

I would strongly advise you learn a little HTML and CSS. Its not difficult. Plus, it’s handy to design webpages in order to progress faster. Check out my HTML tutorials.

compound earnings
Most things start small, but the best things end up BIG

The true beauty behind CPA is learning that consistently building new niche-targeted content will produce compounding effects.

Imagine you make one niche per week, you could generate 4 times as much as my first shot, with minimal effort, in the first month–you might even make more from your very first try.

The best part is that your niches will continue to earn you money, even when you’re not working on them. Again, this produces a compounding effect.

Say you make one niche that earns your $10 per day, making 3 more will make your $30+. The + is significant because you will become more efficient, professional and perfect the art of getting people to convert.

A little more info about exactly what CPA marketing is

CPA Marketing
Cost-per-action marketing.

CPA isn’t “hard to crack”, but knowing what CPA is and how it works is vital, especially if you want to follow what I’ve done. I’ve quoted an excerpt from Backlinko to help you understand CPA better.

CPA stands for “Cost Per Action“. You get paid when someone clicks on your affiliate link and completes an action.
The “action” might be:

  • Filling out a form
  • Getting an estimate or quote
  • Signing up for a free trial
  • Downloading an app
  • Entering a competition

To start making money, you need to know more about your network, and how to use the tools it provides.

The Best CPA Network

So far I’ve spoken a lot about CPAGrip, that’s because to this date they have: never missed a payment, responded to all of my questions quickly.

They continue to outperform other networks I’ve used such as CPALead, Adludum and AdWorkMedia.

Top 5 Reasons Why This is The Best CPA Network

  1. Trust
  2. Payment Reliability
  3. Publisher Support
  4. Community Support
  5. Earnings

There are a few networks out there that rip-off their affiliates, lack customer support and community-spirit, and fail to pay on time.

CPAGrip is tried, tested, vetted and used by some of the biggest earners in CPA. It is easy to avoid being the next person in the forums who complains about being done over. They also have a really nice dashboard as you can see below.

cpagrip dashboard
The CPAGrip Dashboard

One of the most important features that CPAGrip offers is the range of preset file/URL lockers. You already know that you get paid when someone completes an action. CPAGrip makes this easy.

Here is another example pre-set landing page from CPAGrip.

This is the type of page that you will be using to get people to complete an action. You’ll notice after clicking the “Begin Download” button that you are tasked with choosing an offer to complete so that you can unlock your content.

This is called “incentivised marketing” as you are providing an incentive (a download) in exchange for an offer completion.

The landing pages are extremely easy to set-up from the dashboard, but if you need a more thorough introduction to the dashboard then you should watch this video. If you’re comfortable, however, then you need to understand the rules and legalities.

Remember to stay legal, you’ll make more money in the long run

  1. You should never distribute content you do not have the right to distribute
  2. Don’t break the rules of your network

If you’re unsure about the first point then read about file-sharing and copyright law.

The second point is also very important; if you make a tonne of money using unethical methods that your network does not approve of, you risk losing your money.

If you decide to break both pointers you could end up both broke and prosecuted, so don’t break any laws nor rules!

Although the vast majority of people don’t need to be, if you’re going to use the information in this guide for “black hat” reasons then I strongly advise against it for reasons already mentioned.

Don’t confuse being grey hat with being black hat. But, try to stay white hat. This article will explain hat colours if you’re confused.

How To Find Profitable CPA Niches

This is the hardest part for many people, especially when keeping in-line with both copyright law and the rules of the network.

Unfortunately, some think it’s a great idea to share locked download links to the latest One Direction album. While yes, it is a good niche given the amount of traffic for this content, this is bad, illegal practice.

Instead of going for obvious niches, you should think outside of the box. Takes a look at this example..

In recent news hackers leaked the database of Ashley Madison’s users, this leak reveals over 39million people that signed up to cheat on their partners. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to lock a guide on how people can access this list to see if their partner is on there.

ashley madison

Now picture this, you’ve just made the niche 5 minutes after the leak hits the news. The traffic that you will receive will be colossal. Better yet, the people will be well-inclined to complete your survey if it means they can calm their fears of being married to a cheat. This is an example of what I call an “explosive” niche, these niches explode with traffic but they do eventually subside over time.

On the other hand, ever-green niches (such as weight-loss and diet programs), are another great avenue to exploit.

If you’re a keen writer, or if you have a hobby that you can write about, you should understand that information sells.

Information sells well when the person can pay by submitting their email. The only down-side to ever-green niches are the competition. People search for weight-loss guides all year round so there are lots of people trying to cater for the niche.



  • CPA is a fun and relatively easy way to make money. Following my steps will help you to start earning.
  • Pick a popular niche, create the content, upload it to YouTube, SEO the video and boost it with SEOClerks.
  • Make sure you don’t break the law nor the rules of your network. Stay white hat (or grey hat). Finally, watch the money roll in.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and thank you for spending the time to read this article.

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