Step by Step: CPAGrip Tutorial, Based on YouTube & SEO

Step by Step: CPAGrip Tutorial, Based on YouTube & SEO

Make Money with CPAGrip

CPAGrip is an attractive website because there are so many people making money with it. This post will take you through the whole “how to make money with CPAGrip” process.

First, I’m going to give a little back-story so you can understand exactly what CPAGrip is.

How I Started Making Money with CPAGrip

I made my CPAGrip account on October 14th 2014. I’d saw someone post about a “file-locking site” on Hack Forums. They bragged about how they were making YouTube videos, and how the videos were making $10-100 every day, with minimal work.

The videos showed people how to download the latest games and software. A little walk-through that directed the viewer through the download process.

It was the money that drew me to the method. I was interested in how the cash was being generated. Also, the passive/residual income was very nice too!

Once a viewer had watched their video, they’d then click on a special “download link” found in the description section. This download link would ask someone to fill out a survey to get the file that they were looking for. And every time someone completed the survey to download the files, the uploader was being paid by CPAGrip.

Imagine that this video was pushing a “leaked” release of Justin Bieber’s latest album. Although that’s highly illegal, and not at all advised (disclaimer), you can see how the person would be making a lot of money.

I’m not the type to push illegal content. Although the person posting this method was, I was determined to do it the legal way. If you do things that right way, they can scale and you can make way more money!

My First CPAGrip Niche

A niche as a small section of a market. The market is the audience on YouTube, your niche is a certain section of that viewership. For example, a niche could be “justin bieber songs” or “clash of clans hacks”.

When I first started, there was a “leaking” on the internet. Some information that had been released by hackers. That’s what prompted my first “CPAGrip venture”. I shan’t mention the exact niche.

But anyway, everyone was looking for the files, or at least reading about them in the news. So I figured that a guide aimed at showing people how to access the leaked files would attract a lot of attention.

The more attention (traffic) you get, the more money you make..

The Birth of The First “Campaign”

I wrote up a short and sweet guide on how to access the deep-web using tor-network. Something that is relatively easy to do.

Of course, I didn’t link them directly to the leaked files as that would be unethical and illegal on a few levels. Instead, I armed them with the knowledge of how they could get it, and targeted my video to the search terms of the people seeking the leaks.

Finally, I exported the Word document into a .pdf file. My “product” was ready for locking!

I logged into CPAGrip, chose a simple preset file-locker and plopped a download link for the guide in.

Threw together a simple YouTube video with a few pictures, royalty free backing music and some basic effects. Which took me no more than 20 minutes. Uploaded it to YouTube and put the URL in the description.

In the final quarter of the day, my video made me $76~ and I’d only worked for an hour. I agree, it isn’t a boatload.

However, the earnings came in everyday after, wavering between $20-100 everyday for the next month or so. In a sort of residual, passive income.

The best part is, these earnings compounded every time I made another campaign, of which I made maybe 1 per week. Or whenever the earnings slowed with any natural decline in demand.

Now, you’re going to learn how to do the same.



  • CPA is a fun and relatively easy way to make money. Following my steps will help you to start earning.
  • Pick a popular niche, create the content, upload it to YouTube, SEO the video and boost it with SEOClerks.
  • Make sure you don’t break the law nor the rules of your network. Stay white hat (or grey hat). Finally, watch the money roll in.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and thank you for spending the time to read this article.

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