How To Use CPAGrip’s File/URL Locker, Beginner


I had this guy approach me recently. He’d found my Skype, requested I became his friend, the usual. Despite his poor English, he had a couple of conducive questions.

  1. How do I make money online
  2. Can you coach me
  3. How do I lock files on CPAGrip

My reply was short and sweet. Read the content on my blog, there’s a tonne of stuff. And I’m going to write a post to show you exactly how to lock your files–the one that you’re reading now.

It’s a reoccurring question. Don’t be ashamed if you don’t know, I was in your position when I started too. Here goes the spoon-feed that I would have liked.

Firstly, Log In To CPAGrip

If you haven’t registered yet then you’re going to have an issue. Register here.

cpagrip login

Whack your email and password in. Click the go button. Or press enter.

Goto Monetization Tools

After you’ve logged in, you’ll be faced with dashboard.

cpagrip file locker

In the sidebar, click monetization tools. Then, click URL/File Lockers.

Create A New Locker

After that, click the big blue button. The one that says “Create new locker”…

creating a new cpagrip locker

Or, if you wanna edit one, click an edit button.

Fill In The Details

Name your locker something useful. That way you’ll be able to find it as you make more.

setting up a cpagrip file locker

In the locked URL box, you need to put a link to the file or URL that you wanna lock.

Choose A New Locker Theme

I like the FileUnlckr presets. The offer randomized “fake” comments. And virus scan things too.

choosing a new cpagrip locker theme

Click refresh preview to make sure it looks the part. And finally, click the Create button.

Test The Locker, Make Sure It’s Sexy

Click the get links button next to the locker you made.

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getting the link for my cpagrip locker

Get your locker’s URL…

copying my cpagrip locker url

Put it in your browser…

my cpagrip locker

And there you go. Dank lander.



Creating a locked file/URL with CPAGrip is easy. The hard part is spreading those links. If you want to learn to spread your links then you should check out my ultimate guide to CPA!

Until next time, Josh