What Is A Computer Network & What Does It Do?


A computer network can be defined pretty simply as “a collection of inter-connected & communicating computational devices that can share resources”.

messy computer network
Not all networks are super-complex. Some, however, are.

The devices that form a network can be connected both by wire and wirelessly. They tend to communicate via Radio Waves or Infrared when communicating wirelessly.


Important Characteristics of A Computer Network

  1. The devices forming the network must be interconnected
  2. The network must be able to function autonomously
forming a network
Most computational devices can form a network!

Firstly, to have a network, the devices need to be connected to each other. Without a connection, a device a will not be apart of the network. Without any connections at all, there are no devices!

What Are The Objectives of  A Computer Network?

  1. Data sharing and exchange
  2. Sharing resource expensive processes and files

data sharing

If you want to send a file to a friend, you and your friend need to be connected in some manner.

Additionally, there are vast networks such as the software underlying Bitcoin technology. These networks function only because everyone uses it and shares resources with this network.

bitcoin network

Another two examples of data and resource sharing are Torrents and Peer-2-Peer file-sharing.

Final Thoughts

You now know what a computer network is and also what it’s used for. New articles are coming every morning! Leave a comment, let me know what you think!

Until next time, Josh.


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