The World Wide Web & The Oddly Named Things In It


The web is “an infrastructure of information combined and the network software used to access it”. The things on the web often have odd names, foreign to less techy people. They’re easy enough to understand though once you see a definition!

  • Web page; A document that contains or references various kinds of data
  • Links; A connect between two web pages
    • The clickable text you see
  • Website; A collection of webpages accessed (usually) as one thing
  • Web browser; The software that you’re using to access this article
    • Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer and Edge are all Browsers.
  • Web server; A computer specifically set-up to process web-based requests
  • URL (uniform resource locator; the standard by which we specify the location of a webpage
    • is an URL
  • Search Engine; A Website that helps you find other websites.
    • Bing and Google are search engines.
  • Instant Messaging (IM); a application that allows you to communicate with another person in “real-time”.
  • Blog (weBlog); an online journal-esque website that is updated regularly
  • Cookie; a file used to store information about you on your web browser
  • Web analytics; statistics used to measure different metrics on the web
    • Page speed, click-through rate, Geo-location
  • HTML (hypertext markup language; the coding language used to build webpages
    • Markup language; a language that uses tags to annotate information in a document
    • Tags; syntactic elements used to indicate how to display an information (usually to a web browser)


I will update this article in the future as new things need to be added! Can you think of any more terms that you don’t understand? Post them in the comments below and I’ll add them!

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