I was contacted a few days ago, by a guy that wanted to do some advertising on my channel. He was representative of

I’m usually elated when people approach me about their networks or projects. But this one made me cringe.

After being offered a handsome 15 euros to post 3 videos on my YouTube channel–and after waiting for the rep to finish his dinner–I managed to get logged in.

Activating my account was a pain too, their profile form didn’t recognise my UK postcode. But a fake one worked just fine.

Nor can I state that I’m a male.

Additionally they activated my account after I submitted the following document as my passport…

Looks legit.

And my utility bill, I found on Google Images. Couldn’t find one in the house.

Frankly their secuirty process is appauling. Either it’s going to be subject to money-laundering, or they’re trying to scam you.

Lets get onto the creamy bit though..

What is Goldausgang?

From what the rep told me, GoldAusGang is a mix of a few things:

  • Some sort of investment opportunity
    • Aimed almost entirely at purchasing gold, but apparently cryptocurrency is tied up in there too
  • Multi-level marketing scheme, sketchy AF
  • A ponzi-style table system

How Does Goldausgang Work?

In a few numbered steps I’ll explain in short exactly what the idea is:

  1. Sign-up
  2. Purchase a “table” for 15 euros
  3. Convince 7 other referrals to join
  4. Once they’ve all signed up your table closes and you get 75 euros
  5. Then you can buy gold
    1. Either stored (controlled online)
    2. Or ordered to your house (you pay delivery and processing fees)

As for the crypto-currency.. I’ve no idea where this comes into play.

Oh, I forgot to add, GoldAusGang isn’t likely to work at all. [DISCLAIMER]

More about the Tables..

goldausgang payouts
There’s 2 main categories, 7 seat and 15 seat. Each has different payouts

So you buy your first table, 15 euros down, you convince 7/15 other suckers to join. And you get 75 euro in return to spend on Gold.

GAG(GoldAusGang) obviously takes 45 euros for their services too. Great, thanks for that.

The best part is that you can purchase really expensive tables too. So if you’re really stupid and you’ve got a bunch of really stupid friends, then this one is for you.

goldausgang vip tables
Le VIP table.. for people that want to waste their money..

So once you’ve cashed out your table, you next get to buy your Gold!

The Gold They’re Selling for “Investment”

I’m going to throw you 2 figures here..

gold store goldausgang
The price of gold sold on GAG…

And now for the spot price of gold.

gold price google 9th september
38 euros per gram… Hmm…

Now you’ll agree that buying Gold at almost double the price is a little counterproductive. But if you really want to invite 7 of your buddies to get in on this too… by all means, go ahead.

Looks Sketchy

Frankly I wouldn’t want to invest in gold with a company that is based here either..

And most of their social media is in Russian. Not that that means anything ofc, but frankly I’d split my languages between different accounts..


I don’t like this site. I don’t like the system. I don’t think you’re really in for any profits with this unless you’re real lucky.

  1. Overpriced gold
  2. Table system is sketchy as hell
    1. What if you don’t get 7 referrals?
    2. You make 120 euros in total but only get 75 if you close your table
    3. You’re forced to buy gold
    4. You can’t withdraw unless you make over 23,400 euros
  3. Headquarters looks sketchy
  4. Advertising is all in Russian
  5. System is buggy as hell

Frankly the whole thing looks like a masked ponzi-scheme. Please don’t request to promote these things through me.

Until next time, Josh