Promoting CPA Offers in FaceBook Groups


This guide will teach you how to generate leads using Facebook Groups. The majority of internet marketers I see doing this are doing it wrong, very wrong.

What You Need To Use This Guide

There are a few important things that you’ll need, but they’re really quite obvious.

  • A Facebook account in good standing
  • An account with a network that runs gambling offers
bingo affiliate networks
A simple google search for networks offering Bingo promotions.

The Niches That You’ll Be Going for

Although you can take the wisdom from this guide and spin your own niche out, you’ll find a good return simply following the niche that is tried and tested.

Gambling. Bingo, specifically.

The Target Market

Forgive me for the stereotyping, but what demographic do you think finds Bingo offers the most attractive?

Middle-aged women, stay-at-home mums and females in similar scenarios.

Now this is completely open to debate, there is no-doubt a strong male presence in this market, but, for the sake of this tutorial, let’s stick with the first.

What Groups To Target

We want groups where there are high-proportions of our target market. If you’re in the western world then you’ll no doubt be aware of facebook groups where people buy and sell second-hand items in your local area.

If you take a look in these groups, you’ll notice that these people have a high propensity to find free bingo bonuses attractive. Correct me, if I am wrong.

Crafting An Attractive Proposal

Now, you can go the low-quality way and simply post a direct link, or you can go the better route.

Write a personable post, offer to support people in completing the offers, tell people about what you’ve won, post a screenshot showing the bonuses working.

Once you’ve got something good, post it.

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This is simple really, you find more groups, and you post in them. A little idea I had was to build a newsletter, or an email list, and sign people up to it.

Once you’ve got a solid list, start to feed out regular offers. Perhaps branch into casino offers if you have a particularly loyal list.

That’s all for now, more coming soon, I promise,




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