Leveraging Technology & the Web to Make Money

True Miller was set up in 2014, it’s a website where content about technology, the web and making money is posted for the world to consume.

The content is written almost exclusively by Josh Miller, the founder of True Miller. On occasion, guest posters will write content too; contact Josh if you want to post.

The site’s tutorials are the most popular posts. These cover a huge range of areas based on Josh’s experiences. You’ll find content ranging from CPA to Bitcoin trading to eBay and more.Β 

Traffic has been generated to the site through purely organic means, with no investment in ads. SEO, social media and good content is the recipe that has been used since the inception of True Miller.

Josh started his online “money making” journey from a young age, initially starting out by writing cheat scripts for online games and selling them. This first exposure to making money online led him to take interest in other areas, such as CPA, e-commerce, dropshipping, cryptocurrency, social media marketing and a huge number of other avenues.

The content on this site is designed to share his knowledge and create value for every reader that acts on the content that’s made available.