Josh Miller

I've been interested in everything technology, money, and business-based, since a child. I hope to grow these passions into something spectacular.

How To Make Money with YouTube CPA and PPD

YouTube PPD CPA Money
CPA and PPD have been taking the internet by storm for the past few years, with teenagers reaching their first million and people regularly publicising their...

How To Make Money Autoblogging with Reddit & IFTTT

Make Money Autoblogging with IFTTT & Reddit
If you like the thought of making money online with little work then this is the tutorial for you. Before you start, you need understand a few... Review with Paypal Payment Proof (Paid Testing)

This just a quick post to give you a little confidence that you will actually earn some money from usertesting sites. After doing a...

6 Ways To Be A Better Internet Marketer

Climbing A Mountain
Internet Marketing is great, it's my passion but I'd be lying if I said that I couldn't improve. During my time internet marketing these...

How To Make Money with MaxBounty & PPV Ads

PPV traffic simply means pay per view traffic. This means that you will pay the advertising network every time your website or advertisement is...

4 Ways To Make Money from Your Facebook Page(s)

Facebook has offered it's pages feature for some years now, and many of us have made at least one, forgotten about it and come...

5 Ways To Make Money without Leaving Your House

Make Money Over Summer with Leaving Your House
There's a tonne of posts for teens and students out there showcasing ways to make money over the summer period while everyone's off school,... Review (SEO/Social Media Marketplace)

SEO is a game where winning can make you millions and losing can stamp your investment into the ground; arguably, learning how to SEO...

How To Rank YouTube Videos in 3 Simple Steps

rank youtube videos fast
Ranking YouTube videos fast can be an absolute nightmare for newbie internet marketers, especially those of you who're into using CPA and PPD to make...

7 eBay SEO Ranking Factors (Exploit Them, Rank High)

You can rank high on ebay using these 7 SEO factors to optimise your ebay listings for SEO purposes. I am an ebay powerseller but...

The Most Popular Paid-to-Test Sites

This video with show you how to get paid to test websites by showcasing the top user testing and website usability sites, user testing...

How To Start an eBay Retail Arbitrage Business

What is a “Just-in Time” eBay Business A business that gets there stock “just in time” Can make money without spending any money You use your buyers...