How To Make Money on Autopilot using Massplanner & MaxBounty CPA Network


A friend of mine introduced me to this method because he’s made a lot of money from it.

Before you dive into the enlightenment, I’m going to break down exactly what you’re going to do.

Method Overview

The method is pretty simple to deploy. You will do the following:

  • Join a CPA network: MaxBounty
  • Download: MassPlanner (to automate your social media)
  • Make new: social media account s
  • Scale up: the entire thing up

I push value through ideas, concepts and tutorials. The things you are about to learn will be hugely beneficial to you.

Best of luck!

1# Sign Up To MaxBounty

A good CPA network will make this method scalable, easy and more profitable. That’s why you’re going with MaxBounty

maxbounty sign up
MaxBounty is easy enough to join, just hit the big red button after joining as an affiliate.

A Small Scenario to Consider

Imagine your mother comes into your man-cave while you’re grinding CPA. You want to be doing something that you’re:

  • Proud of pushing
  • Earning bank with

Right? Good. This brings me to the reasoning behind joining MaxBounty. The “#1 CPA network in the world” according to mThink.

What’s Good About MaxBounty?

MaxBounty has epic offers. Look at these god-damn payouts. And the offers are respectable too.

Wooh, jeez, those payouts are NASTY

MaxBounty offers work with all social media accounts. So yes, you can automate unlimited Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, all pushing these offers.

That’s unlimited potential in my opinion. Wouldn’t you agree?

2# Download Massplanner

Massplanner is a social media automation program that does practically everything. It likes other people’s content, follows new people, follows back new followers, posts spun content and loads more..

massplanner free trial
Get the free trial so you can try out the software

Fortunately it’s cheap enough for anyone to buy. Including, but not limited to: students, newbie internet-marketers and those of you that live in poorer countries.

There’s a free trial so you can get to grips with it and earn before you purchase it.

How/Why Are You Using MassPlanner?

You use Massplanner for a few different reasons:

  1. To build your social media accounts
  2. To promote CPA offers
  3. To keep your followers enticed with new content
  4. To stay relevant in your niche
  5. To lazer target your audience

You should be getting pretty excited by now. At least when the next person interrupts your internet marketing session you’ll have some fancy software to show them… I

My Favourite Massplanner Features

  • RSS Feed Scraping: When used in conjunction with Tumblr, you can get a constant stream of image posts. People like pictures, people can’t read; especially on social media, people lose all literacy.
  • Advanced Comment Spinning: To avoid bans and looking like a robot you can generate random-humanistic text for your messages, posts and more.
  • Demographic Targeting: You target your audience based on place, language, length of bio, letters in name; anything you can think of. This is especially powerful when you target the followers of people who already like the brand you are promoting.
massplanner automating follow back like follow and unfollow
You can automate every social action you can think off.
massplanner posting from rss feed
You can automate content to post to your profiles from anywhere.

3# Put MaxBounty & MassPlanner Together

I know there’s an adult section there, but we’ve already gone through the reasons why you should choose those. Besides, you’ll probably end up buying into your offer after you spam your saucy banner ads around.

Choose a Good Offer

What I’m trying to explain to you is that you need to pick a good offer, that not only pays you well but fits your target market.

maxbounty offers
MaxBounty has tonnes of offers that you can promote.

Decide If You Want To Mask Your Link

Masking your link is a really powerful technique to use. It only costs $1 to get a new .com domain from 1&1. You can then “point” the domain at your CPA link and no-one will ever know the difference.

Start Your Social Media Accounts

Hit up all the social media sites you’re going to use. Make a new account for each. You’ll probably need a new email address to do this.

If you bought a domain from 1&1 above then you’ll get a free custom email with your domain too. Which looks even more professional.

Just to reinforce the obvious, make pages on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • (optional)

Don’t make a LinkedIn account if you’re pushing free amazon gift cards or any of that shit. LinkedIn is for professional people. Post insurance and job stuff there.

Connect All Accounts to MassPlanner

Once your accounts are up, just put the details in on MassPlanner and start automating.

add profile to massplanner
Goto Social Profiles, then click on Add Profile
adding specific profiles to massplanner
Then choose which networks you want to automate
adding account to massplanner
Then fill in your details, and hit Verify

4# Run Your First Campaign

To start this all working you need to turn on MassPlanner. This video will show you how to set up the Instagram posting, but the same thing applies across of the social media pages.

MassPlanner has a beautiful RSS feed feature. Tumblr is full of blogs that post images. MassPlanner can grab the images, even if they’re not image posts.

Hook up a few Tumblr RSS feeds to MassPlanner, write-up a few spintax comments, make all your social media accounts, take care over your automation campaign, and finally, enjoy the money.

Remember, don’t push adult offers. No one wants your big t**ty webcam offers.

If you have any questions, comments, queries, or even just the will to say thanks for this story, then I urge you to leave a comment below.

Until next time, Josh.


  1. Noob question : Once I create an instagram with a proxy, can I log into the account with my home IP and face no problems? because I alreadycreated the account with another IP so does that mean I won’t face any complications if i log in with my own?

    Another question: How do I edit all my instagram bios? Do i have to do it manually?

    Another question: Can I use the same prelander (.com) for every bio and just mask it with a bitly of some sort or would i have to keep buying a new domain for every account?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  2. Great tutorial! Thank you very much for the info. I would like to ask you if i can apply this method with other CPA networks? Also i have figured out that the image source is tumblr. Is that correct? Can i use other image sources?

  3. Followliker settings are little bit confusing to me. So, I prefer Massplanner.. πŸ™‚ It’s pretty good with their features.. Little costy though. But good software.
    Thanks for the article, very useful.

    • Hi Dee! I’d love to speak on the subject. However, I’ve never used FollowLiker.

      I can say that MassPlanner is fantastic, however.Given this, and the fact that MassPlanner is far more economical in price, I would always push MassPlanner over FollowLiker.

      I’ve never had any problems with MassPlanner, it’s hugely flexible and I love the software!

      I hope this answers your question!