CPAGrip 🤑 The 12 Step Tutorial for Beginner CPA Marketers


When there are so many people making money with CPAGrip, it’s difficult not to be tempted into writing a tutorial for those who aren’t involved yet. This article has been written to take you through a basic process that you can replicate and make money with CPAGrip.

Here’s a more advanced CPA marketing guide if you already have some experience with CPA. If you’re a beginner then I suggest you stick with this tutorial for now.

First things first, let’s talk figures…

As a general base mark, I usually tell people that putting in a 1-2 hours work to set-up your first campaign will easily turn over $50-100+ within a few days if done right. It’s pretty easy to get started which is a relief for most people.

Though this time varies in every person’s case, the more you practice, the better you will get. And the better you get, the more efficient you will get at making money at this method, that’s the beauty of it.

What Is CPAGrip?

  • CPAGrip is a CPA network.
  • CPA networks generate leads for advertisers.
  • They do this by finding publishers who want to make money (you and I).
  • These publishers then push traffic to CPA Offers.
  • This can be done in a few clever ways:
    • direct linking to offers,
    • content locking, file locking (what we’re focusing on)..

Where Does The Money Come From?

The money comes from advertisers, people looking to promote their sites and products. CPAGrip then distributes this money to publishers (you), and you promote the offers.

This guide will teach you how to promote the offers through file locking. You will find downloadable content, lock it, and then promote it on YouTube. There are a bunch of tips and tricks involved as well.

If you haven’t understood yet: you get paid every time someone completes an offer to download this content that you’re giving away.


1# Register With CPAGRIP

Click here to Register with CPAGrip

2# Find Some Content to Promote

You can do anything, but generally downloadable goods are the best to go for. Things like graphics templates, eBook guides, music production samples and various other similar things are in high demand.

kick drum samples google search
A simple google search for “kick drum samples” will give you a tonne of websites that offer royalty free downloadable sounds.

3# Think Creatively

Let’s say you go down the music sample route, you could package various sounds into one file. This will make it more attractive later on when people download your files.

download photoshop templates youtube search
This video gives away Photoshop templates, you could do the same but with locked links. If you don’t have any PS templates, download them from the internet and/or other videos in the same niche.

4# Upload Your Files To A Host

Once you’ve got the files that you want to lock and promote, you need to upload them somewhere.

You can upload them to any site you like, but I prefer to use Google drive. Google drive gives you a lot of control over your files.

5# Lock Your Files

Go into your CPAGrip dashboard, monetization and URL/file lockers.

Click this button in the sidebar.
Then, click Create New Locker
Then, click Create New Locker
Fill in all the specifics, and put your file URL in the Locked URL box.
Fill in all the specifics, and put your file URL in the Locked URL box.

6# Store Your Locked Link

cpagrip locked url
Click on Get Links
copying cpagrip locked url
Then Copy your locked URL

You’ll want to paste it into notepad for easy access. You can always come back to the dashboard if you prefer, but it’s easier to have everything in front of you.

7# Make A Simple Video for YouTube

You can use anything that you want to use to make this. I recommend using PowerPoint if you don’t have a good video editor. You may want to record your screen with software such as Camtasia.

8# Upload Your Video To YouTube

Once your video is done, get it on YouTube!

9# Title, Describe & Tag Your Video

Make sure you write a good title and description. Aim for at least 2-3 paragraphs in your description.

Make sure you put your locked link in the video description.

10# Make A Nice Thumbnail for Your Video

Aside from making a nice title and description, one of the main things that will make people click on your video is the thumbnail image.

11# Boost Your Video

At first, you’re going to have next to no views. So buy some cheaply. Get some likes, views and subscribers to your channel. The more engagement your video looks like it has, the more people will naturally go to your video.

You can buy all of this stuff really cheap at SEOClerks. Sign up to them now!

12# Repeat

You can either make more videos on similar topics or try out a new niche! The more you practice, the more money you will make and the better you’ll become at it.


Until next time, Josh.