There is a solid relationship between:

  1. The quantity of sales you generate
  2. Your search result rankings

The higher you rank, the more sales you get. The more sales you get, the higher you rank. This creates a compounding effect while there is demand for your product.

In this post, I will be covering some powerful SEO techniques that I have been exploiting on my top-rated power-seller account.

ranked number 1 on ebay
After you’ve followed all of these eBay SEO steps, you’ll be ranking first and selling thousands in no time!

Analyse Your Competitors

Let’s say that you’ve bought some micro-usb cables from AliExpress. The first thing you should do is search the most ambiguous search term.

“Micro USB Cable”.

Some sellers in this category have sold 100-10000s of them. Fusing this with good service, they are ranking at the top of the listings.

You can see for yourself, they’re moving tonnes of product.

ebay micro usb cable results
Over 110351 results, this keyword is far to ambiguous!

Make the following notes

  • Their titles
  • Their descriptions
  • How many images they’ve uploaded to eBay (different to description embeds)

Using this information, you know what works for this market. You’re bench-marking on what the best sellers are doing.

Unless you’re an SEO expert, don’t go in with your own magical ranking ritual. Copy, merge and create something from things that work.

Find a lucrative search term, keyword or phrase

Use more specific keywords

This way you can move out of the way of the “big guys” that you’ll likely have no hope of ranking against. You’ll be in your own lane, and you can bully other people out of it easily.

It would be great to make a new listing and rank first for “micro-usb cable”. The likely-hood of this very low, unless you’re a power-seller or there is a little competition.

Target a narrower market

Let’s try “black micro usb cable 2m”. That way we’re restricting our market to the cables that we want to be in direct competition with. The idea behind this is to spot any poorly-optimised listings that we can outperform.

black micro usb cable 2m ebay results
Much lower results, much more room to rank

Reduce the competition, and smash them

The total results for the new search term is less than 3% of the first. Additionally you can see that the top 3 results are optimised poorly.

Even a simple title optimization will outrank these sellers.

The reason why you are doing this

  1. You can’t outrank the big guys if you don’t have any sales
  2. You need to stand out to get sales
  3. You need to start the ball rolling by targetting a narrower audience
  4. When you’re targeted you can stomp your competitors
  5. Once the ball starts rolling you’ll naturally find yourself ranking for the big terms

Optimising your eBay title for search engines

The most powerful SEO tool that you have in your control, is your title. If you take a look at the competitors in the above example, you can see they’re not that optimised for the search term we’re looking at.

  1. NEW 2M Strong Fabric Braided Micro USB Data Sync and USB Charging Cable 2M Black
  3. Duracell Charge & Sync 2m Cable with Micro USB Connector in Black

You can see that these titles are all fairly higglety-pigglety.

Additionally, the sales aren’t too high. At least not in comparison to the sales that the ambiguous keyword had generated.

An Example of An SEO Optimized eBay Title

Yes they’ve sold a few hundred, but their titles are unoptimised. The ideal title that you could use in this situation would be something like:

  • Micro USB Cable 2m Black | …Other specifics…

Make sure that you are inserting “other specifics” related to your item after the separator to rank for brand and other things.

The reasoning behind this is that your most important keywords are right at the start of your title. Having your keyword at the start of your title holds more weighting in search engines, of which eBay is one.

Hit As Many Exact-Match Terms As Possible

Now you’re hitting exact match searches for:

  1. Micro USB
  2. Micro USB Cable
  3. Micro USB Cable 2m
  4. Micro USB Cable 2m Black

Rearranging the search terms brings the same amount of results.

Ensure that your most significant search terms are right at the start. You want to make it easy for the search program to find your content.

Complete the other eBay SEO factors

This is eBay’s guide on SEO. However, I have made a my shortened version in bullet points.

  • Use Keywords in Your Description.
  • Include Unique Product Indentifiers
    • Barcode Numbers
    • EAN
    • UPC
    • ISBN
  • Write a good amount of content in your description; ebay recommends approximately 200 words.
  • Keyword density; make sure your keyword makes up around 5-7% of your text
  • Avoid keyword spamming; stick the density guidelines.
  • Avoid hidden text.
  • Vary font strength; use bolds, headings, underlining.
  • Link to other products, or your ebay store if you have one.
  • Use image alt tags; these provides you an opportunity to further optimise your content.
    • It’s easy to do in eBay’s HTML editor when you’re making your listing; check this tutorial if you don’t know to add it.
  • Make sure your eBay listings are available to search engines.
  • Upload as many images as possible; BIG SEO OPPORTUNITY.

If you utilize every part of the guide, you will outrank your competition.

Analyse your performance, see what works and perfect your craft

eBay has a Listing Analytics tool. Subscribe to it, turn it on, and see how you’re performing.

Reviewing your eBay metrics is easy

The benefit of this is that you can review your key metrics. Building on this, you’ll be able to test out different title, keyword, and description strategies to better your ranking performance.

This is a longer approach, but you really want that number 1 spot, and it might take a few tries.

If you’re really doing poorly..

Simply target a new niche-market. Imagine you’re rolling a few small snowballs down a hill. Some might stop rolling, but some will continue, and eventually you’ll have your big momma avalanche.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please ask in the comment section below!

Until next time, Josh