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How To Make Mobile Responsive SEO eBay Listings: Part 1

Aimed at helping people to up their eBay listing game, this video will show you how to make your base listing with Bootstrap. It's the first part of the series where I be showing you how to make an eBay listing that is mobile-responsive and ranks well.The code for...
cpa landing page bootstrap - part 1

How To Build a CPA Landing Page Using Bootstrap

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tAbQqu77_0QIt's been a while since I've uploaded a new video, so I've decided to put out a nice playlist on making a CPA Landing Page with Bootstrap.It's relatively simple to use, even for people new to web development.Some of the essential resources that you'll need for this is:JQuery &...
responsive cpa landing page

Use Bootstrap To Make Your CPA Landing Pages

CPA landing pages can often be tedious and difficult to make, especially for newbie web developers Fortunately though, Bootstrap makes it a whole load faster and easier; plus, its responsive for mobiles, tablets, games consoles and everything else in between.Codecademy offers a free interactive HTML/CSS course that uses Bootstrap too,...