YouTube = πŸ€‘ Passive Income + Minimal Work


I’m still earning money from videos I posted back in late 2014. And honestly, I can’t imagine it ever stopping.

YouTube has long stood the test of time when it comes to passive income. I still advocate starting a channel and giving it a go.

This article will assure you that you can still get into YouTube, and give you a bunch of really important pointers.

Making videos in a few minutes is very possible

Many would argue that quality is paramount when it comes to creating content. But you don’t have to browse far to find videos with 100,000-1,000,000+ views that use Microsoft Sam voice-overs.

If you’re considering using robotic voice-overs for your next channel, you should probably revisit your plan of action.

Investing in a microphone, and voicing videos yourself is a great idea. Or, simply pick content that needs no narration.

You might think it takes time to learn how to use video software, it doesn’t, just pick software that’s simple to use. I’ve been using Camtasia for years, and fully advocate using them if you’re a beginner. They’ve even got tools that let you upload straight to YouTube from the software.

The truth about how easy is to start earning

It goes without saying: IF YOU BUILT A CHANNEL that has an easily attainable Β£5CPM, with 50 videos each pulling 1000 views/mont.. you would earn Β£250 every month, for what is potentially going to be the rest of your life.

With the right mindset, you could set this up in a month.

You work once and earn forever. And if you keep making videos, this amount will keep building and building.

The lies you’ve been lead to believe about getting loads of views

Most people think they need to:

  • Make truly original content
  • Standout from the crowd
  • Amass subscribers

If you’re going about it in a clever way, you don’t need these things.

Firstly, truly original content is hard to promote, for one simple reason, people don’t know what they’re looking for. Which leads on to the next point.

Standing out from the crowd is great if you can do it, but if you can’t, don’t worry, just enter a space where there is already a tonne of viewers!

Subscribers are a side-effect of creating videos, not a requirement. As you make content, you get subscribers, and if you’re making videos in spaces with huge audiences, they’re going to be easy to come by.

Now you’re wondering, “what videos should I make”

This article isn’t about you starting a Fortnite “let’s play” channel, or starting a vegan cooking channel. Although, you could niche into those areas pretty well.

Instead, look at how many “list videos” there are with millions of views.. “6 most expensive cats”, “9 films coming out in 2018”, videos titled in this manner draw huge amounts of views.

There are many many many similar videos, all with incredible viewership because the market already exists with noΒ real channel loyalty.

Unlimited inspiration is at your disposal, you just need to know where to look

This is simple. You watch other videos, you go-to blogs, different websites, news outlets, and you use the information that has already been put together to create your own content.

Don’t be an idiot and copy it word for word, put your own twist on things. Get inspired, don’t steal.

You could go anywhere, Huffington Post, BBC News, National Geographic, LifeHack, literally anywhere.

The trick to becoming an efficient video-making God

Armed with simple software like Camtasia, grab a bunch of images, throw some text in, and speak over the video, but ultimately, aim to keep your video length as short as possible.

I’m talking 3-5 minutes. You can go longer if you want, but there’s no real gain from doing that.

You just want to attract viewers with generic content. Content that everyone searches for, so you can maximize the people viewing your ads.

Finally, keep your video concise enough that people will watch it through to the end. This works magic for your rankings, and it’s good practice.

I don’t even have a YouTube channel

Make one then..

Until next time,