YouTube Is Stopping Paid Content, 2017


I recently got a pop-up in my YouTube dashboard saying “paid content is now depreciated”. Well, there goes my plans of using that any time soon…

To be honest, I didn’t see people make use of it. Believe it or not, it’s been around since 2013. Ikr, feeling old now?

The whole idea behind paid content was straightforward: let creators charge people however much they want for their videos.

It was pretty cool that you could charge whatever you liked. But the configuration of the damn thing was awful. They really needed a whole new dashboard for that sort of thing.

Half the time I couldn’t set my videos back to normal afterwards, and I always felt bad if I’d sold a video that I then went on to make public again. Besides, you had to make different prices for each country.. some of which weren’t even on the list.

I was “planning” to push some ad campaigns to some pay-to-view videos–tutorials and such–but in YouTube’s defence, it does keep up the quality of user experience that we receive on YouTube.

Think about it, we’re already swamped with ads every time we consume.. and being swamped with randomly-priced pay-to-view videos would probably annoy me.

Good riddance..