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cpagrip earnings

CPAGrip Tutorial: Exploit YouTube CPA w/ SEOClerks

This tutorial will take you through the basics of starting to make money with CPAGrip.

Make Money with IFTTT: Genius WordPress/Reddit Auto-Blogging

IFTTT can be used to make money by auto-blogging content from Reddit.


bolt tryhackme

TryHackMe: Bolt (Write-up)

Bolt is a TryHackMe CTF. It has a focus on the Bolt CMS. We will be exploiting a remote code execution vulnerability.

TryHackMe: LFI Basics (Write-up)

LFI basics is a TryHackMe CTF focussed on Local File Inclusion vulnerabilities.

TryHackMe: Mr Robot CTF (Write-up)

Based on the Mr Robot show, can you root this box from TryHackMe?
tryhackme game zone

TryHackMe: Game Zone (Write-up)


TryHackMe: Simple CTF (Write-Up)

tryhackme pickle rick

TryHackMe: Pickle Rick (Write-up)

tryhackme lazy admin

TryHackMe: LazyAdmin (Write-up)

tryhackme skynet

TryHackMe: Skynet (Write-up)

tryhackme kenobi

TryHackMe: Kenobi (Write-up)

tryhackme bounty hunter

TryHackMe: Bounty Hunter (Write-up)

TryHackMe: Git Happens (Write-up)

TryHackMe: Linux Challenges (Write-up)

TryHackMe: OHSint (Write-up)

TryHackMe: Alfred (Write-up)