UK GCHQ aerial photo

You should get a VPN if you want any hope at limiting the new snooping software that is about to be unleashed.

If you’ve not heard of Edward snowden I suggest you read up. He posted on his twitter..

A new bill has been passed that allows UK govt agencies to hack you.

And it’s been met with some pretty negative attitudes. But in all honestly, there’s little you can do about it now that it’s in place.

However, you can do Something.

Its clear you’ve got 0 privacy, so you need a solution

Get VPN guys, it’s simple.

There’s 2 types; a logged vpn and a no-log vpn.

CyberGhost is a no-log vpn, so your data is encrypted, sent, recieved, but never stored. They’ve also got the largest user-base and generally the best connections.

cyberghost vpn custom connnection screenshot
My CyberGhost setup. It’s really easy to use, literally install and click on Secure Internet Connection, et voila. Encrypted to the 9s.

I use CyberGhost premium plus so I can get it on my computer and on my phone. If you’re unaware of the potentials behind an unsecure mobile phone check out this video.

Whether you’re on you laptop, pc, mac or phone, you need to make sure your data is encrypted when it’s sent. It’s too easy to intercept this stuff nowadays.

There are pre-made devices that you can buy from amazon, ebay, alibaba, that will hack your tech in a few seconds.

The little amount you pay per month for a VPN reduces your risk to cyber-attack incredibly. You’ve already got a anti-virus most-likely, but this isn’t fool proof. Now if you’re sending your data completely encrypted, how can a hacker snoop on you? How can they tell it’s you? They won’t.

This is about hackers, surveillance, the intercepting of your private data. Take it seriously.

Check out Cyberghost. It’s gold.

Until next time, Josh