ebay amazon dropshipping tips

I’ve always been hesitant to put out content about my eBay-Amazon dropshipping venture.

The reasoning behind this is because it’s so damn powerful, but if I’m to really become TRUE Miller, I’ve gotta share it with you guys.

Now, I’m not going to run you through the whole process, but I can give you a few tips that will blow your game up.

1. How To Handles Returns

When you inevitably get some buyer that doesn’t like their item, your going to need to handle a return.

Now, you can get the item direct back to your house, or you can get them to send it directly to Amazon for you.

There’s two problems here:

  1. You don’t want to handle items
  2. You can’t trust people to send back expensive items

So the simple solution is, get them to open a case, open a return case on Amazon, and send them the return slip for them to send back items.


Big value items, for example £100+ items, you need to accept, inspect and then return yourself.

I had a situation where to d*cks tried to pull a £500 scam on me, offered to return the items to Amazon to for me but I insisted I got them back.

Fortunately I won that one.

2. Automating The Entire Process

Use PriceYak. PriceYak is a new start-up that offers dropshipping automation across a variety of stores, not limited to eBay.

I got involved in PriceYak when it was private access only, but I believe it’s public now. Great company.

It can get expensive, so make sure you remove any items that are underperforming.

3. Dealing With Chargebacks

Chargebacks happen whether you dropship or you send the items yourself.

The best way around this is simply:

  1. Print your Amazon Order to PDF, submit
  2. Report Fraud to law enforcements, print to PDF, submit
  3. Submit tracking
    1. Amazon tracking isn’t public, but the order-tracking link is*
    2. Paypal doesn’t like Amazon tracking that much, but it’s easy to convince them
  4. Do not be aggressive, they may have legitimately not received their item.

Try not to argue with a potential fraudster, keep your communications to eBay customer service as much as possible.

4. Don’t Be Be Afraid to Talk To Amazon Customer Service

They’re a friendly bunch.

See, lovely guy.

Generally, they’ll help you with refunds, replacements, anything that you need to operate as an agent of your customer.

5. If You Can, Don’t Use Prime

It’s against Amazon’s terms to use Prime for business purposes.

It’s tempting of course, that 24 hour delivery IS profitable, in theory.

6. Don’t Invest In TeraPeak

I made this mistake when I started out.

You don’t need software to tell you what a good SEO’d title is. Use your common sense and watch my eBay SEO video.

There’s nothing useful that TeraPeak can offer you that eBay’s analytics, Amazon’s bestsellers and PriceYak can’t tell you.

7. Upgrade To an eBay Shop

When you start doing 5-10 orders per day, the standard eBay layout get’s crap and hard to use.

Upgrading to a shop give you access to the seller manager pro.

Seller manager pro lets you leave bulk feedback, and do everything… in bulk.

You can also SEO your stuff much better, you can set keywords .etc for your products, something that you can’t normally do.


Few words of wisdom for any one starting out.

If you have any questions, there’s a nice big comment box below.

I prefer people to ask me questions here, don’t email me direct, it’s not useful for the rest of the readers.

Until next time, Josh.