I’m planning to revamp my matched betting guide very soon, with which I’ll include a nice video series on my YouTube channel.

While this in progress, I’m putting together a list of the bookmakers operating the UK where you can take advantage of their solid sign-up offers. So far, if you were to sign-up and max all of the offers, you’ll have £2000.

Free Bets & Signup Offers by Bookmaker

All of these offers are for UK bookmakers, I’m sorry for restricting it to the UK for the time-being, but if there is enough people looking for these offers in other countries, send me an email, comment, tweet or whatever me.

Some of these offers are free bets, so you get money with no deposit. However, most require you to deposit.

If you’ve never done matched betting before, I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU WATCH A TUTORIAL. Don’t dive head first into it think you’re getting purely free money. You must bet your bonus in order to withdraw it. But how it’s done is incredibly clever, and even more safe.