For whatever reason, Social Media Marketing is hard. On the outside, it looks simple, but staying consistent and avoid writer’s block is a real challenge.

I’m a huge advocate of using software to make your life easier, so here are 5 tools that will really improve your social media game. Hopefully, you like the sound of making things more efficient too!


ViralTag is “the #1 social media marketing tool for sharing visuals”. They help you to schedule unlimited posts and recycle content that works all year round.

When you’re struggling with content, why not repost? And when you’re having a great day, schedule a tonne of stuff! Simple.


I’ve mentioned Canva in previous posts, and it still stands as a phenomenal tool for creating graphics quickly and easily.

You need minimal skill because they have a huge library of preset templates you can use for all your social media image needs. Honestly, I use it for other things too, not just social media. Their application is incredibly user-friendly and packed with all the tools you need.


Buffer makes it really easy to schedule posts across all of your social media accounts. If you’re like me and many other people, you’ll have many many accounts. So get this and make your life easier.

A nifty trick you can do with buffer is a nice “post to all accounts”. So you don’t need to worry about posting to Facebook, then Twitter, then …

Meet Edgar

Edgar is an octopus. But also a really useful tool for social media marketers.

You can add a tonne of content from various sources then streamline your posts to various different networks. The best thing about Edgar is the ability to chill out and let it do pretty much all of the hard work.

Get Sparkle

GetSparkle is all about driving engagement and increasing reach.

It works by aggregating content from various sources (your fans) and creating beautiful displays. These displays are great for launching engaging experiences across multiple devices.


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