We’ve all been there. You set up a Twitter account. Perhaps one for your business. You craft an awesome tweet. And you don’t get anymore followers. Or worse, they shrink. You’re expecting to make the news or break the Internet with every tweet. But is it really that hard to get more Twitter followers?
Well, whether you have 10 followers on twitter, 100, or even 10000s, here are five proven tactics that will make you more popular on Twitter.

1. Connect with people you already know.

This is the easiest way to start. Twitter does all the work for you. When you make your account, you have an option to upload your contacts to the Twitter. Follow everyone that you know. You’ll immediately see a boost in followers. You get what you give.

Connect with your friends

You don’t need to convince the people who you already know

When your goal is to get more Twitter followers. If you’re not confident enough to mass-follow a bunch of people who you know, then just muster up the courage and do it. If you’re scared of the people closest to you know about what you do, how do you expect to attract people who you don’t know.

2. Find your niche

Are you a massive football fan? Perhaps an amateur satirist who’s got a god sense of humour about what’s going on in the news?

Target a small section of an audience.
Target a small section of an audience.

Tweet about things you’re passionate about, or at least good at

Find what you’re most passionate about and tailor most of your tweets to fit this passion and build your personal brand on Twitter. You’re much more likely to get more Twitter followers if they know what to expect from you. Provide good content. Retweet other people in your niche. Post news articles.

3. Find and follow users with similar interests

So, you’ve found your passion. Next up, its time to find the people who share that passion. As I touched on in the previous point, you need to interact with other users. Other users who tweet about the same things as you. Follow them and build your social network that way. It’s a good idea to follow both new Twitter accounts and large accomplished accounts.

These two kids obviously like Basketball!
These two kids obviously like Basketball!

Increase your engagement, and people will want to follow

When you retweet, favorite and @-mention other users, they’re more likely to follow and interact with you. Create a shared social space of like-minded people. Doing this will see them retweeting and favoriting your tweets. Ultimately you want targeted twitter followers.

4. Buy followers from SEOClerks

Sometimes, only sheer numbers will do. That’s where SEOClerks comes in. This website connects you with providers who will sell Twitter followers. You can pick up thousands of new followers for just a few dollars. Just search “Twitter followers” on SEOClerks and you’ll see just how many offers there are.

Be sneaky, buy your followers!!
Be sneaky, buy your followers!!

Why buying twitter followers works a treat

It’s the easiest way to get more Twitter followers. Namely because giving your account that initial boost will make you look like a trustworthy and authoritative figure in your niche.

5. Create and share meaningful content

Quality is often better than quantity...
Quality is often better than quantity…

Once you’ve built up your base, the best way to continue to get more Twitter followers is to give something meaningful to discussion on the platform. Continue sharing relevant, brand-driven pictures, links and text.

Make good images

Check out Pablo by Buffer, it’s a great way to make popular social images that people love to share. Throughout a few quote pictures, or a few meme’s whatever it takes. Try various approaches and see what works for you, every niche is different.

Stay consistent with Twitter scheduling apps

Consider using a tweet-scheduling service like Tweetdeck, Buffer, or Hootsuite to consistently provide your content. This takes off the pressure of having to be constantly on Twitter. When you’ve got some free time, schedule a bunch of tweets, the more the better. Staying consistent is a sure-fire way to keep people interested. Posting at social peak-times are very good idea too, most people are asleep at 3am, so schedule the tweets for lunch time, or after dinner-time.

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