There’s a tonne of posts for teens and students out there showcasing ways to make money over the summer period while everyone’s off school, college, or whatever it is you do in term-time.

The only problem is that most of them tell you to go babysitting or pester people to let you mow their lawn; most people don’t want to look after snotty toddlers nor do they want to slave under the scorching sun until someone’s lawn is spotless and even then… you might end up picking the weeds too.

Start an eBay Business

For all you smart-ass mother-f’ers out there that think you’re funny by planning to say “oh, what about going to post office… that’s outside” before you even read the post, suck on my hypothetical cucumber.

You don’t need to touch a single item, nor get off your behind to post a thing to run an eBay business.

The magic is in the method, simply use arbitrage, I’ve mentioned this is in a few methods before and in simple terms, arbitrage is the of selling something you don’t own yet, in order to buy the product with your customer’s money at a lower price, so that you can keep the difference as a profit.

For example, I will go to a website of my choice and find a popular movie or game, this movie or game costs £10. I will then advertise this item for sale on eBay for £15, even though I don’t own it, and copy all the images and item specifics into my eBay listing. Upon the sale of said item, I will use my customer’s money (£15) to buy the item from the cheaper site (for £10) and put in their address details so the item is delivered straight to the customer. I then keep the £5 (- eBay fees) as my profit. Most large retailers allow you to use free gift-options to make sure that no invoices are left in your parcel, so no, they don’t know how much you paid for it to get sent to them.

Do Paid User Testing

Sites such as WhatUsersDo pay people to “test” websites and applications, and no, you don’t have to be technologically gifted to complete the tests.

Companies go to user testing sites so they can get feedback from a huge range of people all varying in age, geo-location, and computer skills. I wrote a post and did a video on user testing sites here.

Get your friends and family to sign up as your referral

If you’ve got some friends that would like to make money online too, send them to sites that have referral programs; referral programs allow you to earn from your referred user’s earnings.

Most of the user testing sites (mentioned above) offer referral programs but WhatUsersDo is probably the best one for this.

If your friends have any sort of computer skills then get them to sign up as your referral to or as they can bag larger sums by completing larger projects, which fortunately for you, you’ll be getting a nice creamy percentage of.

You can earn, I think, £5 per free sign-up to Amazon Prime that you refer, and it’s completely free for them to use; if you know that someone is buying something online soon to then refer them through your Amazon Affiliates/Associates link so that you can get a percentage of the sale price.

Convincing them won’t be difficult if you can set them up with free one-day delivery too!

Start a blog

If you’ve got very little to do, then blog about something you’re interested in. If you’re into games, then blog about games, tie this in with a YouTube channel where you do reviews and gameplay videos and you’ll get a decent amount of traffic.

It’s a great way for you to further get people to do number 3 and number 4, sign up via referral and buy via your affiliate links.

It also gives you a good reason to be playing video games all the time, because you’re making money from it!

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