Internet Marketing is great, it’s my passion but I’d be lying if I said that I couldn’t improve. During my time internet marketing these have been the 6 things that have held me back; sharing these things with you will help you to stay on track, increase your productivity and most of all, make more money.

Cut the bullshit

The internet is full of distractions, from the ads on your own blog to the social media tabs you have open that are providing you with a continuous feed of baloney.

The best thing you can do is remove the distractions entirely, for many of us having 1000 tabs open at once, with every website we’re interested in is the norm and having only one tab open seems weird, but trust me, while you might not have as much fun, you’ll get more work done.

The simple way to start manifesting

When I wake up in the morning, once I’ve done all the life necessities, I sit down and write a few things I want to do that day, not everything that I want to do but some key things that I need to do.

I run a few blogs, post on a huge manor of forums, run several YouTube channels and run an eBay business, so for me it’s imperative that I state the things that I do, otherwise I’ll forget about things and things won’t be consistent, so it’s a simple as making a list such as the one below.

  • Make one blog post
  • Make one YouTube video to go with each blog post
  • Put YouTube video on the blog post
  • Share blog post to all social media accounts related to the site
  • Share YouTube video on 3 forums each
  • Submit all newly create URLs to google index
  • Do eBay orders
  • List 1 new item

Now, when this is in a list, it doesn’t seem like much, but without the list, I might only do half in a whole day due to spending time watching cat videos on YouTube or browsing Amazon for something new that I might want to buy without really knowing what I’m interested in.

Visualisation makes things happen

For me, I have a background of a huge stack of money that says one million pounds in £5 notes on my desktop. Every time that I turn on my computer that way I put myself in the correct mindset.

my desktop

At the same time this is just one goal I have, try to state more achievable long-term goals, like rank #1 for a long tail keyword.

Avoiding a breakdown

Internet marketing makes you and breaks you when you have your $0 weeks and your $100 minutes, it can seem like you’re getting nowhere with huge amounts of effort and other times doing nothing and watching the money roll in.

To see your progression physically, keep some sort of diary, state that you spend 3 hours getting back-links or you made a whole bunch of blog comments to try to boost your exposure, that way you can see what work you’ve put in while at the same time making sure that you’re doing everything that you need to do.

I simply use Word and put the date as a header when I update it.

Excelling with each option

If you run a website or a business online, get your business on every social media platform, every relevant directory and make sure you check-up every so often to answer people’s questions. It’s easy to post to multiple social media sites with services such as or where all your posts are automated.

While yes, you might only have your best friend and your Nan as your Facebook fans, simply having presence opens you up to more potential traffic.

If you have a blog, monetize your mailing list, put your referral links in your paid ebooks, monetize everything and be ruthless; don’t be a low-quality spammy motherf’er because everyone will hate you, just stay high quality and legitimate.

The fraud

Everything you need to know is available for free, and the chances are you already know all of it. Buying an eBook isn’t going to make you move your hands and fingers, just get on with it, the methods are on the internet because they work.

If you make a page and you have no traffic don’t think “oh… I have no traffic, what now”, go out and get some fucking traffic, Jesus, make youtube videos, submit it to search engines, put your posts on forums and social media, it’s not hard.

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