Swiss army knife
Swiss army knife

If you’ve read a few of my tutorials, or even if you’re semi-experienced, these are the tools that are going to up your game.

Good Web-hosting for your Landing Pages

server farm
Get your stuff hosted somewhere funky, like this

A lot of people use free services like Blogger or 000WebHost. Don’t use these; you don’t have full control of your content and you risk losing your landing pages.

  • I use Hostgator for all of my hosting needs, they’re great and very cheap

Go for the baby pack so you can add unlimited domains and you can scale up your operations easily

Domains, Top-Level (TLD)

Your slice of virtual real estate is incomplete without a nice domain.

Again, people use free domains to much. These will lose you traffic. Make sure you’re investing in your landing pages. Buy .com domains and other legitimate company domains.

  • I use Hostgator and 1&1, both are similarly priced

Avoid going for .info or foreign domains if you’re not promoting to that country. Make sure you pick something relevant to your niche too

Social Media Automation Software, To Make Your Like Easier

robot customer service render
Save time, money and energy. Get robots on the job.

You can sit on Social Media all day and push your content, but it’s time wasted that could be spent chilling out or scaling up.

  • MassPlanner is the software that I swear about for automating my social media

It works with all major social networks including instagram and pinterest. You can also put unlimited social media accounts into it’s hugely versatile system. 100% needed.

SEO Software, So You’re Not Aim With Your Eyes Closed

analytics dashboard vector transparent background
Make sure you’re taking advantage of this when you start out.

SEO is super important. Most of the world’s traffic goes via Google first. So make sure you’re ranking.

  • You can get free SEO software such as Traffic Travis to help you with this

Most of this software will help you analyse, benchmark and improve rapidly. This is important because you need to be beating your competitors down to have any hope of earning.

Good CMS, Keeps Things Clean, Powerful, Tidy

cms poster explaining what a cms is
A good CMS looks after everything.

Content management systems make websites easy to build. When you’ve bought some hosting and got your domain, installing a CMS is super easy with Hostgator’s “QuickInstall” feature in the cPanel

  • I use WordPress for every project that I don’t code my self

Powerful Information Resources, Communities

spongebob learning magic meme
Magic is only magical if you don’t know how its done, so learn.

While it’s definitely a great thing that you’ve read through my CPA marketing tutorials, sometimes its best to build relationships with other people too. Exchanging ideas, growing and helping other people in CPA is great.

  • The Dojo is one of the most lucrative places that you’ll find

There’s a bunch of alternatives but none are quite comparable.

Tracking, Helps You Benchmark, Improve

click heatmap toshiba website
Heat-maps are great tracking tool for the more experienced internet users!

If you don’t know who your target market is, you need to find out. Tracking and analytics tools will tell you everything you need to know about your market. You can also see how well your CPA campaigns are doing comparatively.


I’ll add more to this list as time goes on. Please comment any suggestions you may have for this list too!

Until next time, Josh

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