About True Miller

Who is True Miller

  1. A creative, multi-talented technology consultant.
  2. Self-taught investor, trader, marketer.
  3. Content creator, copywriter, educator.


  • Crypto; Web3, process automation, DeFI, arbitrage, trading/investing.
  • Web; design, development; C#, PHP, JS, NodeJS, React, NextJS, Python.
  • Marketing; content creation, copywriting, social media, search; inbound marketing.


Degree in Computer Science. Built P2P crypto trading platform for finals. Read design patterns, algorithms, databases, advanced OOP.

Background working for a "Big 4" consulting firm. Senior Associate, consulting on web, data, and emerging technologies, for government and large corporate enterprises.


Build trust in crypto, defi, and trustless applications.


Get involved with multiple projects, and incubate ideas, give direction, and embetter the "crypto-verse" through the following means:

  • Support undervalued projects
  • Offer professional services
  • Give strategic advice to new projects
  • Business development
  • Raising the knowledge bar for new entrants
  • Increase exposure through marketing channels
  • Build useful applications