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My Name Is Josh Miller

I am the founder of TrueMiller.com, one of my many internet-based projects.

What Do I Do?

I do quite a lot, but in a nutshell I..

  • Teach people how make money online
  • Study for my Computer Science degree
  • Set up internet-based income streams for myself!

Where Do I Come From?

I am from the UK.

What is True Miller?

A while ago I found myself with a tonne of blogs that weren’t really taking off, mostly because I was spreading myself too thin.

So, I decided to merge the sites and take the most important content. The most notable merged websites were Make Money Online with Josh & Software Pug.

True Miller is aimed primarily at teaching people how to make money using the internet. Whether it be easy ways to make money or more technical internet marketing ideas. I hope to take people from being newbie money-makers to generating real income for themselves!

If Your Methods Are So Good, Why Don’t You Just Do Them Yourself?

Believe me, I do. But honestly, I profit from you making money. So it’s a win-win situation for us both! I hope you enjoy my content!

Until next time, Josh.