Just came across a crazy site called AppCoiner where you can test different apps, leave a review and get paid.

Now, I did an article like this stuff about year back that got a lot of attention and a bunch of people signed up via my link, so I thought I’d get you all in on the update and get you involved in the next wave of app-testing profits.

Before You Do Anything

Sign-up to AppCoiner by click the hyperlinked link anywhere on this page.

Once you’ve done that, then you can check out the video on the landing page that you’re forwarded to.


Follow These 4 Steps

It’s really simple. Firstly you signup, and yes, they accept people worldwide.



Then you choose one of their various apps to review from their database of potential apps to test.

Choose an app to test

Once you’ve downloaded the app and had a go, then you write a simple, honest review.

Review the app

It doesn’t have to be too many words, but get your true feeling across, make it enough that you’d be happy if you were the person seeking the review.

Earn money

And finally, you get paid. On time, every time, no questions asked.


I love it when my tutorials are really simple because it means that you, my reader, won’t struggle to get your work done.

Work done means money in the pocket, moving on to bigger things.

Keep in the loop and have a great new year,

Until next time,


[button color=”blue” size=”large” type=”3d” target=”_blank” link=”http://78dd85obs5fyeo961gnhtcnd14.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=APPCOINERARTICLE”]Signup Now![/button]

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  1. Well, it looks like great! But I have some questions about it. So I decided to visit that web page and talk to the support bot. There is a one time fee (27$) to get access to training materials and tools. Minimum payouts: $50. Generally workers will be paid into their bank accounts. It looks like a platform that connects developers and testers. However I haven’t tried it. On one hand I don’t think is fair asking money to get a job and on the other hand I would like to see some opinions written by actual workers before trying it.

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