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Obsessed with all things cryptocurrency, the internet, business, and content marketing. I started out dabbling in cryptos in 2014, and have been hooked in ever since.
A candlestick price chart of BTC USDT on TradingView

Candlesticks 101: Beginners Guide to Reading OHLC Candlestick Price Charts

Learn how to read candlesticks, candlestick charts and trade candlestick patterns.
tradingview btcusdt ema ribbon

TradingView 101: The #1 Technical Analysis Platform

TradingView is one of the most valuable tools when it comes to technical analysis. It's a free tool, with a huge library of indicators, drawing tools, and social media aspects to.
moving averages on a cryptocurrency chart on tradingview

Moving Average 101: Trading Moving Averages Successfully

Moving averages are simple, smooth lines that show the average price over a rolling period of time.
ADAETH with a moving average ribbon -- one of many lagging indicators found on TradingView.

Lagging Indicators 101: Finding Confirmation Before Execution

Lagging Indicators are best used to define movements that have already occurred. Sure, they're not solely used to help predict the future (like Leading...
YieldYak farms

Yield Yak Review: AVAX DeFi Auto Compounding 9999% APY

Brace yourself, there are some ridiculously high APR earnings for AVAX Defi farmers in this Yield Yak review.
stake ethereum binance

Stake Ethereum Binance: How to Stake ETH 2.0 (BETH) on Binance

Here's how you can stake Ethereum via Binance's staking pool without having to stake 32ETH. What is Ethereum Staking? Ethereum staking is where you put up...
macd indicator on TRXUSDT via TradingView

MACD Indicator 101: Trading The Moving Average Convergence Divergence

For those of you who have never heard about the MACD indicator, prepare to feel like you've found the perfect tool to add to...

Leading Indicators 101: Predicting The Future

Leading Indicators help you predict future price changes and movements while trading.

Cryptocurrency Pairs 101: Crypto Trading Pairs and What They Mean

You're bound to come across many cryptocurrency pairs when using cryptocurrency exchanges. They're simple to understand, but --talking from experience--they can be somewhat confusing...

Smart Contracts 101: Smart Contract, Dumbed-Down

Smart contracts sound more complex than they really are. And in this article (Smart Contracts 101) you'll learn exactly what a smart contract is,...

Ethereum 101: The Beginners Guide to Etherwhatsitcallled

Learn what Ethereum is, how it works, who made it, what ETH 2.0 is and also what Ethereum classic is (all in this Ethereum 101).
blockchain 3d render

Blockchain 101: The Simple, Unchained Guide for Blockheads

This Blockchain 101 will take you through the basics that you should understand before you progress further.

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