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Obsessed with all things cryptocurrency, the internet, business, and content marketing. I started out dabbling in cryptos in 2014, and have been hooked in ever since.
elk finance analytics

Elk Finance Review: Cross-Chain Liquidity Network on Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, BSC, Ethereum 2.0

Elk Finance We're running a giveaway with Elk Finance until 30th May 2021. Be sure to check it out. https://twitter.com/_truemiller/status/1398178905270390787 Elk Finance links Elk Finance TwitterElk Finance TelegramElk...
beeple nft

What are NFTs (non-fungible tokens)? And why do they sell for so much?

NFTs, or "non-fungible tokens" took the crypto world by storm. You've probably seen them. Or at least heard about an NFT. And your interaction...
AVME wallet true miller

AVME Review: The 1st Decentralized Anti-Virus Security Suite, on Avalanche Blockchain

AVME is one of THE MOST exciting projects I have come across to date. Their Anti Virus take is truly innovative. And, their token is available now.
PEFI igloos

Penguin Finance Review (PEFI): Avalanche Chain PancakeSwap Clone with NFTs, Farming & more

I was digging down into the usual DeFi rabbit-hole. And I found myself on Pangolin--a decentralised exchanged like Uniswap but on Avalanche. And I...
stop limit orders

Stop Limit Orders 101: Securing Profits, Conditional Execution (an alternative to Stop Losses)

Stop Limit Orders are super powerful order types for traders. They let you take profits and Stop losses whilst you are in a trade....
KuCoin spot trading UNFI USDT

Spot Trading Crypto: A Simple Overview of Crypto Spot Markets & Trading

Crypto Spot Trading is the rawest form of trading cryptocurrency. It's not reserved for crypto trading, it's also common across and commodities markets. In...
A candlestick price chart of BTC USDT on TradingView

Candlesticks 101: Beginners Guide to Reading OHLC Candlestick Price Charts

Learn how to read candlesticks, candlestick charts and trade candlestick patterns.
tradingview btcusdt ema ribbon

TradingView 101: The #1 Technical Analysis Platform

TradingView is one of the most valuable tools when it comes to technical analysis. It's a free tool, with a huge library of indicators, drawing tools, and social media aspects to.
moving averages on a cryptocurrency chart on tradingview

Moving Average 101: Trading Moving Averages Successfully

Moving averages are simple, smooth lines that show the average price over a rolling period of time.
ADAETH with a moving average ribbon -- one of many lagging indicators found on TradingView.

Lagging Indicators 101: Finding Confirmation Before Execution

Lagging Indicators are best used to define movements that have already occurred. Sure, they're not solely used to help predict the future (like Leading...

Yield Yak Review: Auto-Compounding Avalanche LP Tokens (Pangolin, Penguin, Olive and more …)

Brace yourself, there are some ridiculously high APR earnings for AVAX Defi farmers in this Yield Yak review.
stake ethereum binance

Stake Ethereum Binance: How to Stake ETH 2.0 (BETH) on Binance

Here's how you can stake Ethereum via Binance's staking pool without having to stake 32ETH. What is Ethereum Staking? Ethereum staking is where you put up...