If you like the thought of making money online with little work then this is the tutorial for you.

I’m going to run you through the entire process of setting up IFTTT, a simple content platform and how to put everything on autopilot so you can sit back and relax.


In the past, people have used programs, more specifically WordPress plugins such as WP Robot to harvest content from the internet and repost it in a humanistic way, however, the quality isn’t always on point, it costs a lot of money, and it only works with WordPress

Poor quality + one platform + costs = Sucks–as you’ll be probably agree. So that’s why we’re using IFTTT, to avoid these setbacks.

What is IFTTT?

I’ve mentioned IFTTT in earlier posts but if you’ve not come across it before: IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. It is web service that allows you to automate a huge array of things on the internet by using “if statements”. If statements are largely used in a programming but this service makes it accessible to everyone.

IFTTT allows you connect different web services together. We will go over the services that you can connect and how to do it later. Connecting services together will then allow you to automatically post now content between from one place to another. Given that, let’s get onto the next vital part of tutorial before we get to the money part that you’re looking forward too.

Using IFTTT to run your blog… Automatically

You might already have some type of blog whether it be hosted on WordPress, Blogger or some sort of social account such as Tumblr.  If you don’t then, bookmark this page (Ctrl+D) and quickly sign-up with Hostgator.

Hostgator is one of the most reputable web hosting services and has won loads of awards. It is also the web-host that I use for all of my web-pages.

HostGator is one of the world’s top 10 largest web hosting companies with more than 8,000,000 hosted domains. We have over 850 employees to provide you superior around the clock support. We are the perfect choice whether you are looking for business, personal, or even Fortune 500 hosting.
Every web hosting plan comes with a 45 day money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and is fully guaranteed by the CEO himself. If you ever have a problem with the regular support, just ask that your ticket be assigned to Adam and he will personally give you the VIP attention that you deserve.

Using coupon code “TRUEMILLER“, you will get $9.94 off your order, so you can get your first month for $0.01. This is a measly investment for a fantastic service which can bring huge returns. I would recommend that you choose a domain name that will fit closely to the type of content that you want to automate for example:

  • Expensive Cars
  • Cute Cats
  • Love Quotes

If you’re struggling to think of a good domain name then use the Shopify Business Name generator.

Now you’ve got a blog that you want to automatically post content to, you need to signup to IFTTT. Once you’ve done this then you’ll want to begin by creating a “Recipe”.

What are Recipes?

Recipes are simple connections between products and apps. There are two types of Recipes: DO Recipes and IF Recipes.

The If Statement

After you’ve started your IFTTT recipe you’ll be asked to select your if “this” statement. As you can probably tell, this is going to be the thing that triggers your automated content. This is where you will specify what content you want to automatically be posted to your blog. In our case it’s going to be Reddit.

You need to choose a trigger that works

After you click on this, then you’ll be given a huge list places that you can automate content from, best of all, each has a huge amount different options. In this post I’m going to use Reddit as our trigger recipe, you’ll see why as you keep reading.

This is an important part of the method. After you’ve chosen your trigger then you can choose exactly what triggers the post, in this case I’m going to choose “New Hot Post in Subreddit”.

You need to know the reason I’m choosing a “new hot” post. It is so that it gives chance for any Reddit moderators to remove any spam posts that I won’t want on my blog; hot posts also tend to be a good, unique content too, which will keep our autoblog high quality!

Next I’ll discuss my favourite sub-reddit to grab content from.

My favourite sub-reddit to get content from…

In essence, a subreddit is like a niche forum.

There are:

  • specific subreddit rules
  • moderators for each subreddit
  • voting systems for links, self posts, and comments that depend on the subreddit theme

So far you’ve got a blog, setup IFTTT and you’ve started making your recipe. Now it’s time for a little more magic…

I’m going to find a good subreddit that only allows images and videos, as I don’t really want my blog to be spammed up with links to other pages.

You might see where this is going now, but it gets better…

In this case I’m going to go with a “cute” Reddit (funny I know) as there’s a huge amount of people online that are browsing around looking for cats and cute pictures, they have a huge amount of share value as you can probably tell from your own Facebook news feed.

It’s making more sense isn’t it, but don’t stop just yet…

I will then put the subreddit name into IFTTT so that it knows where to source the content. Make sure that you only put the last part of the URL in and not the /r/ part as it’ll mess up the recipe.

Choose where you want the content to go to

And finally… I’ll then choose my “That” trigger, in this case I’m using Blogger, however, I would really recommend WordPress (remember to sign-up with Hostgator & use coupon code “TRUEMILLER). You should use WordPress as I know for a fact that you can monetize them with ads, however this is not essential as you’ll see when I get on how you’ll monetize your auto-blog soon…

Choose how you want it posted

Don’t miss this part out… Once you’ve connected your that recipe, you’ll then be faced with various options, it is important that you select the one most relevant to you. In my case I’ll be choosing Create a photo post as this the content that I am targeting. Now you want to make sure… that you’re optimising your posts (below in “Labels” bit), which again is really important.

Make sure you choose the correct option

You will then want to set the proper data for your posts. The action fields are pretty self-explanatory, however from an internet marketing perspective you will want to make a content relevant Caption in the Blogger case, unless of course, you want every image to link back to Reddit.

Set labels and stay as human as possible

As I mentioned, this is how you will optimise your posts; you should regard the Labels as “tags” and give a few basic search terms that people may type to find your content; don’t over-do the labels as you don’t want to look to spammy.
There is a great deal of confusion in the blogosphere about exactly what tags are, and how they should be used. This has culminated in a proliferation of “tag stuffing” (the baby brother of “keyword stuffing”), which essentially renders tagging useless in terms of effective navigation and SEO.

But the definition is quite simple. Lorelle put it best by defining categories as your blog’s table of contents, and tags as your blog’s index words.

Bare in mind that you can create various recipes all with different labels and captions so that your automated blog looks as human as possible.

Now that the blog’s automated, you need to know how to monetize it so that you can make money!

How to Monetize An AutoBlog

Now if you’ve chosen to go the WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr route you will be able to throw some ads on the side of your blog, I wouldn’t recommend AdSense as they’re not to keep on duplicate content and if you’re not including the proper caption link back to the original content you could run into some trouble.


In this case I’d recommend you go with a different PPC (pay per click) advertising network such as JuicyAds or ExoClick as they’re a little more lax on what content they will allow you to monetise.


If you’re smart then you will be able to autoblog content and through in an affiliate link or CPA link from networks such as CrakRevenue or MaxBounty.

Adult & PPL

This method also works especially well with adult auto-blogs, if you’re looking for adult content then look for Reddit’s NSFW sections. This is a great opportunity to promote PPL (pay per lead) sign-ups from dating networks and webcam networks that pay per free sign-up. If you decide to go down this route then make sure you’re 100% not using any PPC network that doesn’t allow adult content because you will find yourself in the ban bin. JuicyAds however, is an adult PPC network that I would recommend using in this case to supplement any PPL or CPA earnings from the previously mentioned networks.

      1. you don’t know which is and which is not copyright protected from before. especially if you have it on autopilot and just posts hot pic from reddit. I once tested this system and few dyas later the sample site was taken down for complaints and copyright issues

        1. The likelyhood is that your site was taken down due to complaints. More so than, for copyright issues.

          There’s a simple way around these problems. Firstly, but your own hosting so you’re in control of what is up and what’s taken down. Secondly, if you’re not using your own hosting, don’t post ‘hot pics’ if theyre not allowed o. Your given platform.

  1. Hei bro, I followed your steps and somehow I don’t manage to see my automated posts. Is there a certain time until they should be published or it is instant?

  2. Reddit API is really having problem nowadays. I have an image blogging site connected to reddit. But last september all the troubles with fetching images from reddit are very bad.

  3. Is there a way to have multiple recipes for this? I tried adding another recipe with a Blogger end point but it seems I can only have one blog selected for any recipe using Blogger. Also, I’d like to use multiple sun-reddits as sources.

    Any ideas?

    1. As far as I’m aware, you can use the same recipe as many times as you please provided that you’re piping the content to the same website.

      If you want to use multiple websites that you’ll have to make a new account using a new email address.

  4. Using SEO! Natural traffic from search engines is the best.

    Also many blog networks, for example Tumblr, have social aspects; social networks make it very easy to target, attract and retain your viewers!

  5. man you’re great… it’s 5 am here and I can’t go to sleep because your videos/posts are addictive to me as I’m starting my own blog , every information counts

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