Best Avalanche Bridges

Bridges are fundamental to moving value between blockchains. Fortunately, Avalanche makes this really easy. So you can move funds to and from Avalanche.

1. Avalanche Bridge

The main Avalanche bridge. Bridges Ethereum & Avalanche. This is the core bridge that people use.

image 56

Though, it’s not necessarily the best. It does, however, bear the Avalanche stamp of approval. It’s made by the brains behind Avalanche.

2. Elk Finance Bridge

They support over 14 chains; including Binance Smart Chain, Harmony, Moonriver, and many more.

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The prose of ElkNet is that it’s very fast and feeless. Unlike the other bridging options on Avalanche, which charge fees. And often take a long time to transfer.

Elk is the most capital efficient bridge. However, you can only transfer the native token–ELK. This can be sold on any chain for the desired currency, though.

3. Relay

Relay is the next evolution of Zero. The first dex on Avalanche. They’ve reinvented themselves into a multichain bridge.

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Similar to the likes of Elk Finance’s ElkNet, but they charge relatively high fees. Despite the fees, they’re fast, and you can transfer multiple assets. So you don’t have to sell to any one native token to use the bridge.

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