List of Avalanche DEXs

Best Avalanche DeXs

Avalanche’s ecosystem is exploding right now. These are DeXs you should know about. And some you should avoid!

(DeX: Decentralized Exchange. Learn more about decentralized exchanges, if you’re completely lost.)

Avalanche DeXs

The following are the best-decentralized exchanges on the Avalanche C-Chain. To use them, you’ll need a browser wallet. Most commonly, Metamask. If you already have Metamask installed, you can add the Avalanche C-Chain RPC to your wallet here.

1. Pangolin

  • Token: PNG

Pangolin is the main DeX on Avalanche. They have high volume, healthy liquidity, and many farms. This is the go-to place for trading on Avalanche.

Pangolin Exchange
Pangolin uses a clone of Uniswap V2’s front, with an Orange tinge.

2. Elk Finance

  • Tokens: ELK, CHFT, MOOSE

Elk Finance is the close behind contender for top DeX. Unlike many of the other Avalanche DEXs, Elk Finance is multi-chain. Operating on Avalanche, HECO, Matic, and Fantom–at time of writing. There are more integrations coming this year.

image 3
Elk Finance, like Pangolin, uses a Uniswap V2 front-end. But in green!

Aside from cross-chain integrations, Elk also operate an incredibly cheap bridge between these chains. “ElkNet”. It lets users move ELK tokens to other chains at incredibly high speeds and ridiculously low costs. As this progresses, ElkNet will be operated by multiple node operators.

Elk Finance’s native token is ELK. They’re also working on a Swiss France stable coin, the CHFT. Moose NFTs are NFTs that reward Elk participants, and will eventually be required for node operators.

Check out my Elk Finance review if you’re interested in more on Elk.

3. Trader Joe

  • Tokens: JOE, HAT

Trader Joe is a new DEX on the block. With strong marketing efforts, lots of farms, and lending on the way. Their user interface is clean, friendly, and a little more colourful than the Uniswap cloned frontends donned by Pangolin and Elk.

trader joe avalanche dex
Trader Joe’s swap interface has a had a little more love than the other DeXs. Even showing price graphs alongside assets.

4. Olive Cash

  • Token: OLIVE

Olive Cash is a multi-chain DeX. They currently run on both Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain. Though, there is no bridge currently.

olive cash avalanche dex
Olive have used a PancakeSwap cloned front end.

Olive’s main approach is to launch “memecoins” through IFOs, initial farm offerings. Every now and then they launch good coins too. The launches are done through both single staked assets and LP tokens.

5. Lydia Finance

  • Token: LYD

Lydia Finance is the first Certik audited Avalanche DeX. Operating a familiar PancakeSwap layout. But, with a few interesting farms, pools, and lottery integrations.

lydia finance avalanche dex

6. Baguette Exchange

  • Token: BAG

Baguette is yet another Uniswap clone. But Baguette themed. The volume and liquidity aren’t particularly high. But if you like the smell of bread in the morning, or you’re French, this one might be for you.

baguette exchange avalanche dex

7. Yeti Swap

  • Token: YETI

Yeti Swap was pretty early to the Avalanche Defi scene. But, they’ve not really made any big moves since that point. Though their farms are pretty lucrative, and they have a supposed NFT marketplace on the way, there isn’t really much shared.

yeti swap avalanche dex

8. Zero Exchange

  • Token: ZERO

Zero was the very first Avalanche DEX. Unbeknownst to me, they never got as much traction as Pangolin. However, the DEX is feature-rich, complete, and has a great custom UI. Recently, Zero launched Relay Chain; a cross-chain bridge.

zero exchange avalanche dex

Dead Avalanche DEXs

1. Birdy Finance

  • Token: BIRD

Birdy basically rugged. And threw a hissy fit after an article on Avalanche Today exposing their wrongdoings. They’ve publically stated the project will no longer be maintained.

birdy finance avalanche dex

2. Panda Swap


Bamboo is dead. Not sure it’s still maintained. Avoid.

panda swap avalanche dex

3. Complus

Token: COM

Complus is a cross-chain liquidity network. Similar to how Elk Finance lets you transfer value between networks. Complus was one of the first active Binance Smart Chain bridges, and also supports HECO and Polygon.

complus dex
Complus offers exchanges, bridging, and farming, on multiple chains.

4. Canary Exchange

  • Token: CNR

Canary Exchange gave up being a DEX. They’re now a yield farm. But unfortunately their token price isn’t doing great.

canary exchange avalanche dex

5. PartySwap

  • Token: YAY

The project died soon after launch.

partyswap avalanche dex
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