4 Best Avalanche LaunchPads

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Getting in on the hottest projects is easy. Especially when you know where the launchpads are. Fortunately, Avalanche is full of great launchpads.

1. Avalaunch

Avalanche’s premier launchpad. Most large projects will launch here. Avalaunch has launched projects such as Roco Finance, Yay Games, and HurricaneSwap.

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2. Penguin Finance

Avalanche’s first launchpad. Better known for its yield farming. But, still launches hot projects. The likes of Sherpa and BooFi have been launched here.

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3. Lydia Finance

Lydia functions as a DEX and yield farm mainly, but they also have a launchpad. They’ve launched projects like Everest DAO and Maximus farm.

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4. Olive Cash

Olive Cash is Avalanche’s meme-coin launchpad. As well as a DEX and a yield farm.

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