List of Avalanche Launchpads

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Getting in on the hottest projects is easy. Especially when you know where the launchpads are. Fortunately, Avalanche is full of great launchpads.

What is an Avalanche launchpad?

A launchpad for the Avalanche blockchain. They launch new projects. They tend to distribute new tokens to the launchpad token holders.

Avalanche Launchpads

1. Avalaunch

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Avalanche’s premier launchpad. Most large projects will launch here. Avalaunch has launched projects such as Roco Finance, Yay Games, and HurricaneSwap.

2. Rocket Joe

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Trader Joe is the largest DEX on Avalanche. But they also have some additional features, such as a launchpad. Alongside lending and an NFT marketplace. Rocket Joe is their launchpad, and they often launch new tokens, leveraging their fame as the go-to DEX on Avalanche.

3. Penguin Finance

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Avalanche’s first launchpad. Better known for its yield farming. But, still launches hot projects. The likes of Sherpa and BooFi have been launched here.

4. Lydia Finance

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Lydia functions as a DEX and yield farm mainly, but they also have a launchpad. They’ve launched projects like Everest DAO and Maximus farm.

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