Avalanche Yield Optimizers


Optimize your yield with any one of these dApps. They compound your rewards, automatically, and earn you more.

1. Yield Yak

The main yield optimizer on Avalanche. Has many 100s of millions in TVL.

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2. Snowball

The second-largest yield optimizer on Avalanche. Largely used for stable coin farming, but offers multiple compounders for standard LP farms too.

3. Cycle Finance

A popular yield optimizer. Cycle also prints their own token as well as compounding rewards.

4. Maximus

A multi-feature yield optimizer. Has compounders and maximizers–compounders that single stake rewards.

5. Penguin Finance

A large yield farm with yield optimization features. They have standard compounders and many other yield farming opportunities.

6. Beefy Finance

A very large multi-chain yield optimizer. Not that big on Avalanche, but still has many farms available for compounding.


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