AVME Review

AVME is one of THE MOST exciting projects I have come across to date. Their Anti Virus take is truly innovative. And, their token is available now.
AVME review

AVME is an incredible project.

Brace yourself, as I unwrap the boundless potential in AVME’s disruptive blockchain-based security suite.

The content contained in this article is highly speculative. Only risk funds that you are willing to lose if you do choose to invest.

You are solely responsible for your actions should you act upon the information shared.

But, with that being said, True Miller has invested in AVME. I’m sure you want to know why.

AVME review

Key points

A brief overview of AVME’s key metrics.

(Correct at the time of writing. No doubt they will change as time goes on.)

AVME links

Show love and check out their project. Their Telegram and Discord channels are super responsive, with a number of developers and beta-testers also present.

  • AVME homepage coming soon.
  • AVME Telegram group — for community contacts, updates.
  • AVME Discord — for community contacts, updates.
  • AVME Github — code repository for the project; extremely active, has some Beta samples for testing now.
  • Buy AVME — available on Pangolin right now.

What is AVME?

Aside from one of the most exciting projects I’ve come across this year?

A number of things. All contributing to building a trustless security suite.

Decentralized security suite

AVME are building a collection of cybersecurity products and services.

  • Free anti-virus.
  • Endpoint security.
  • Decentralized sandbox nodes.
  • Decentralized password management.
  • A customer-facing web portal.
  • Open-sourced signature detections.
  • AI/ML-powered detections.
  • The list goes on. (More on these as we progress.)

The AVME Foundation.

AVME is a decentralized entity. The foundation is seeking legal status as development progresses. And, will incubate developers, contributors, and direct growth in a fair fashion.

It makes perfect sense to start out with a foundation, as there will inevitably be interaction with corporate involvement in the future. Think sharing signatures with the likes of Symantec, Avast, AVG, Microsoft. These are the levels I am anticipating.


If you’re not familiar with Avalanche. Avalance is an incredibly fast blockchain network. They have a highly innovative approach to blockchain. (Learn more about Avalanche.)

Avalanche is akin to Ethereum and Polkadot. But, with its own blossoming eco-system of undervalued projects. Cheap transactions. Sub-second transaction finality. The perfect place to blossom a project like AVME.

Utility token.

$AVME, the AVME token, has multiple usages.

  1. Value transfer, it is a currency.
  2. Payments, for using premium features and potential upgrades within the AVME suite.
  3. Staking, so you can earn interest on your holdings.
  4. Incentivisation, for node operators, developers, contributors, and future governance.

AVME Review

Let’s get into the AVME deep dive.

What they’re building

AVME’s product backlog looks incredible. There are some inside reveals I’ve been privy to. Take note:

Sandbox nodes — These are where malicious files are processed. Users operate the nodes. They are safe, isolated, enclosed environments. This is where the virus tests will run. It’s all sandboxed, and won’t affect the outside world.

Most antiviruses use sandboxes. If you have "Norton", "AVAST", "AVG", or a similar centralized antivirus package, these security suites all use them.

AVME uses them in a decentralized way. The Avalanche blockchain will process the throughput. And the technology will be ever-growing with multiple open contributions from developers.

AI/ML virus detection — Artificial intelligence analyzing malicious payloads. Machine learning. Viruses, malware, trojans, spyware, you name it. The models and algorithms put in place will form the basis for a constantly improving detection system. Ultimately, becoming the best weapon to defend against malware.

You might wonder how it will compete with the likes of the centralized behemoths. Well, it’s simple really. It will be open for contribution. No secrets hidden. Intellectual property shared. An innovation magnet.

Web portal — Similar to the likes of VirusTotal, if you’ve ever come across it. VirusTotal operates a centralized web portal, which controls the data, and thus the profits.

These portals are incredibly useful for users looking to scan suspicious files. Linking to a file directly, or uploading a suspicious ZIP or PDF you’ve received. The potential behind this element is boundless.

As more file signatures are taken, they will contribute to the growth of AVME. With the potential for API integration, quality data services for enterprise applications, and ultimately a safer web for all.

Password manager — Unlike centralized password managers; Chrome Passwords, Lass Pass, KeyPass; AVME will provide a decentralized solution. You only need to trust the hashing algorithms, which have already proved themselves with decades of cryptography research, and you’ll be safer than entrusting your passwords to a centralized organization that could go bust or conceals damages.

It’s far more likely that a centralized password manager company will go under at a moment’s notice than anyone being able to unwire a cryptographic-hashed decentralized blockchain solution. Believe that.

User & Enterprise Grade — There are mentions of enterprise-level application usage. Enterprise adoption would contribute huge corporate interest for AVME. Not just for using the software, but operating nodes and staking.

Ultimately, node operation will benefit financially and morally. Enterprise node operators will turn a profit and have the ethics in tow that support the ever-growing need for cyber-security detection.


Farming AVME — You can farm AVME on Pangolin by adding liquidity pairs. There is a risk to this, so look deeper into "impermanent loss".

But, if you’re looking to farm AVME, provide liquidity. You’ll get % of all trading fees through Pangolin. The tokens are worth their weight in gold at present.

Farm AVME on pangolin

AVME Node operators — As AVME progresses, there will be incentives for node operators to power the network. The sandboxes, processing, storage, and securing the network.

Node operators will be paid in tokens, building liquidity. These tokens will be used by users looking to upgrade or purchase premium options from AVME if they seek them. Or, could be used for new node operators, that are looking to contribute to the network and earn rewards.

Moral incentives — The ecosystem is decentralized. People contributing to the network are doing good. And they are doing good not just for their pocket, but they’re doing it for everyone involved.

The people get better protection. Investors and holders reap the rewards of any potential token price inflation.


Avalanche-based — Avalanche is a solid blockchain. And it’s really undervalued at present. Likely because they’re fairly new, but you can be sure as hell that they will be present in future bull-runs.

They’re incubating an incredible ecosystem, and have top-tier technology to support it all. From high-speed exchanges, sub-second finality, to private block-chains and subnets, Avalanche really has it all.

It’s interoperable with Ethereum, which gives exposure to multiple blockchains. With more connection through future cross-chain interoperable dexes, liquidity from more popular networks will flood into the Avalanche ecosystem.


Incentives for all contributors — The centralized state of Anti Virus nowadays means that people have to pay to use intellectual property-wrapped services.

Anti Virus companies must compete for the top title. This creates a lack of benefits: they don’t share, they don’t network, …

Business competition is often not in the best interest of the users.

AVME incentivizes people to use their service. Users contribute.

Everyone benefits — Users get a growing level of protection. Developers and contributors are incentivized to improve the system. And, the bad guys, well, screw the bad guys!

Token Utility

Node incentives — To "fund" node operators that contribute computation power, AVME will be minted. These tokens are also required to operate a node. Any excess can be sold back into the market, so users can use the network.

Staking & farming — Again, node operators will stake AVME. And, users can farm AVME through liquidity pools.

Premium upgrades, usage limits — This is highly perspective, but there will be add-ons, limit restriction lifting, and other subscription-based opportunities for the AVME security suite. Tokens will be burned on usage, and then reminted through nodes and stakers.


Decentralized blockchain-based anti-virus project — There are decentralized anti-virus applications that can be put into action with great success. But, AVME appears to be the first to implement this concept in an incentivized blockchain-based fashion. Which, comes with its own basket of benefits for all involved. As we’ve discussed.

First mover advantage — First movers have historically been the ones to build and maintain their name. The antivirus industry is a tough cookie to crack, as it is highly competitive. It’s the innovation of what AVME is bringing to the forefront that will spearhead their progression.

Avalanche innovator — As I’ve already mentioned, Avalanche has a blossoming ecosystem. But one thing they really need to push growth is innovators. AVME is a prime example of this. While many other projects are building PancakeSwap clones, and toting cross-chain interoperability as a "unique" selling point. AVME is building a multi-faceted empire with real-world, layperson understandable, enterprise, and home, user use-cases.

AVME Features & Benefits

Immutable detection database

A permanent record of detections — Blockchains are immutable. So when something malicious is found, it will be recorded forever. There is no hiding it. It will be recognizable for years to come, with a full audit log of actions taken since finding. This is incredibly valuable.

Chronological back-tracing & simulations — When a viruses breakout or malware appears, it is difficult to back-trace its beginning.

The structure of the blockchain where AVME will store detections will provide a powerful framework for tackling this problem.

Not everyone is aware they’re infected. Participation in the industry is painfully low.

AVME incentives these processes, for users and nodes. Building adoption. Fueling usage. And forming a trustless audit log of actions and participants. And, ties this all in with AI-based detection systems that will adapt and detect malware intelligently.

Anti-Virus pricing structure

Free — A perfect way to build adoption. This lowers the barrier to entry for users across the globe. Providing a powerful service for people regardless of their socio-economic standing point.

Potential premium upgrades — This will serve as a bonus in a number of ways. First, it protects the network from bad actors. As the malicious actor must ‘pay’ AVME to exceed certain limits. But, it also funds the project to grow.

Ledger compatibility

An innovation in itself within the AVAX ecosystem — The ledger compatibility code was written from the ground up. Much Kudos to the developer that implemented this. This alone demonstrates a milestone in itself!


AVME foundersItamar and Markus are both founders of AVME. They also operate developer roles. And have a lot of experience between them.

Team — The AVME team is built up of 6 specialists at present. 4 extremely strong developers with senior-level blockchain and cybersecurity experience. A strong marketer, and an advisor to help guide the project as it blossoms.

Developer-wise we’re looking at a breadth of experience across multiple languages and specialities in both blockchain, web, and cybersecurity.

They are building a lot of elements from the ground up with low-level languages like C++ to ensure absolute efficiency in their delivery.

Brief backgrounds –The team’s backgrounds are incredibly promising with some extremely devoted coders.

So far, the throughput in getting things off the ground has been really impressive. Scheduling beta-testers, regular commits to the AVME GitHub, and a wallet already working.

image 59
The AVME github is being constantly updated. A great sign.

AVME Wallet Beta Preview

I’ve been lucky enough to test out the AVME wallet myself on their test net. I was blown away by it. Sure, it could use some GUI upgrades, but was delivered was purely to demonstrate functionality.

The team are in talks with some outsourced design professionals that (from what I’ve seen) will bring the UX up to an attractive level in the future.

The AVME wallet forms the basis for the security suite. It’s where you’ll interact with AVME. Storing funds, tokens, farming and staking. As more functionality is built out, the wallet will be upgraded.

AVME wallet beta
Overview image of the early beta wallet from the AVME video I published today.

Low-level coding, ground-up. This approach is highly respectable. And proves that these aren’t fly-by-night efforts that are being made. Using low-level languages will ensure the tech is optimal, efficient and solid.

AVME wallet features

It’s important to note that it’s currently in extremely early, beta stages. But, lets build out what is in the wallet.

  • Value transfers (seamless and extremely fast, as Avalanche-based).
  • In-wallet swaps (so you can exchange AVAX for AVME).
  • Liquidity farming utilities (so you can add AVAX/AVME liquidity to the farm).
  • Transaction history (presented in a very clean way).
AVME wallet exchange and liquidity
AVME wallet exchange and liquidity

This wallet forms the basis for future progress. Think of this as the beta release of the seed that will sprout the AVME service line. This is just the beginning. It’s been built from the ground up.

AVME Roadmap

The AVME roadmap is pulled from an insider sneak preview. It will likely change, but, here’s what I’ve been able to put together for you guys. I’ll update in future as this becomes more concrete.

What to expect

These phases are highly speculative. But this will give you an idea of the progress you’re expected to see.

Phase 0 (this year)

Building out the core ideas. There could be more added, some removed. Foundation wallet developed. A pre-alpha version, for detections, launched. Wallet deployed for open beta (links above).

Phase 1 (this year)

Public announcements. Wallet release for public use. AVME contract released. Staking contracts released.

Phase 2 (2021-2023)

They’re implementing the hashing algorithms for threat detection. Building the foundations for virus detection, storage of them, and more. Implementing multi-coin wallet support. Developing the decentralized nodes. Open Alpha/Beta for decentralization.

Phase 3 (2023+)

This is when all the AI and ML training will begin. The real gem of the detection aims.

Release of the fully completed system. Further development and upgrades.

AVME review summary

Wow. Words cannot describe the inside scoop you are getting on AVME right now.

The team is incredibly strong. They are making progress daily. With very regular GitHub commits.

Their niche is truly standout. They are the first of their kind. And, they’re launching on a blockchain that is incubating some incredible projects at the moment.

User appeal could be off the charts with this one. Free antivirus guys. That could be adopted by home users, corporations, enterprises, and built for the best of all.

Don’t miss out on this one.

You can buy it on Pangolin, now.

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