Best Avalanche Lending Protocols

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Lending protocols make it possible for you to leverage your trades. And retain exposure to your collateral deposits too. Avalanche, is a super faster, cost-efficient, smart-contract-enabled blockchain.

Let’s take a look at the hottest AVAX lenders.

Avalanche Lending Protocols

1. BenQi

BenQi is the largest lending protocol on Avalanche. Forked from Compound‘s contracts. Created and maintained by Rome Blockchain Labs. Kept liquid by Kuu Finance.

They’re the largest lender on Avalanche by TVL (total value locked).

2. Teddy Cash

Teddy Cash is a newer lender on the block. Forked from Liquity. They offer a simple, intuitive lending service. Interest-free.

By depositing AVAX, you’re issued with TSD. Teddy’s USD stablecoin. Teddy is the most capital efficient lender on Avalanche.

3. MarginSwap

MarginSwap functions as a leveraged trading platform. Offering both spot and margin trading. Margin trading involves borrowing assets to lever up exposure.

By leveraging up, you can earn more if your trade moves in the direction you want it to. Though, things can go badly if they go the wrong way.

Upcoming Avalanche Lending Protocols

These are projects with lending solutions that haven’t been published yet.

1. Trader Joe

Trader Joe’s long awaiting lending features will be available soon. Storied to be forked from Compound. Which, means they’ll likely offer multiple lending features.

2. Elk Finance

Elk Finance, the most undervalued project born of Avalanche. Is also set to feature lending capabilities. Definitely, one to watch.


The top two lending protocols on Avalanche are BenQi and Teddy Cash. With further lending due from both Trader Joe and Elk Finance.

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