Choosing the best CPA network for your needs is vital. You must make sure that you’re getting offers relevant to your content, and that’re you getting the most money for your leads.

Find a network that meets your needs. Don’t scrimp on a quality.

Every CPA network is somewhat different from the next. So it is important to understand what they do and don’t offer.

For example, some networks focus on CPA content locking, some don’t. Some are great for social media. Some aren’t.

Read on and pick out the best CPA network for your needs. Let me know which ones are your favorites, and throw in some suggestions in the comments to!

CPAGrip Homepage

I’ve been writing CPAGrip tutorials for a long time. And there is good reason for this. CPAGrip is the best CPA network in my opinion.

You can lock your downloads, webpages & even videos using their tools. Great for “day 1” beginners and experienced marketers alike.

They’ve got a whole host of different lockers. Of which, their file lockers are some of the best in the business. With, for example, their file lockers featuring animated “virus scans” and randomly generated comments--all contributing to social proof, and increasing your lead rates.

image 80
This a high quality download locker. Am I wrong?

One of the biggest issues with other networks is outdated lockers. Adludum has the freshest of the fresh. Their lockers are guaranteed to increase conversion rates.

33. MaxBounty

MaxBounty homepage

MaxBounty doesn’t have the nicest dashboard. But, a large proportion of networks re-sell MaxBounty offers.

When you’re ready, you should cut out the middle-man. They’re especially good for direct linking.

With a huge range of offers to choose from and a really low payout, MaxBounty is a great network to get started with!

44. OGAds

A screenshot of the CPA offers avaliable on OGAds

OGAds best targets mobile and social media. Not only is it a great CPA network, but it’s also a CPI (cost-per-install) network. You get paid for app installs too!

If you like promoting your CPA content on Facebook or Instagram this is the network for you. There are premade lockers that are social media themed.

Which, is great for consistency. Even if it’s not your thing, you don’t have to use social media to monetize your content with OGAds.

The is the most recent addition to the list, and honestly, I think they’ve got some incredible potential. Not only as a network, but also in terms of potential gained by people switching to their network.

CPABuild Review - The Best CPA Content Locking Network for 2020/2012

I recently did a video review of CPABuild, that you should have a watch of. I particularly like their file lockers, they’re outstanding.

When compared with the likes of CPAGrip and OGAds, they really stood out to me on their file lockers. They’ve got locker that only the likes of Adludum could come close to.


  1. Ogads is a low paying CPI network, basically they get some of their offers from big CPI networks like Adscend Media or Blue Track Media, so pretty shitty network. About MaxBounty it is one of the best network for direct promotion, really like it 🙂 CPAGrip has good tools but I like tools from Mgcash too, some really innovative tools. My opinion though 🙂

  2. OGads doesn’t get offers from other networks but gets Direct Advertisers. Exactly why their payouts are high and flexible.

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