Organic traffic is hard to come by without the right know-how. If you do it right, you’ll be earning tonnes more than if you pay for your traffic.

These traffic sources are free to use, and simple to get right. Enjoy.


Reddit is a fantastic way to flood your content with traffic. Just find a subreddit that’s related to your content, or would at least welcome it, and post a link.

The “Reddit hug” is a term used by internet folk when Reddit crashes your site, so be careful what you wish for. You could end up with a lot of traffic.


VOAT is a Reddit alternative, but it offers you another source of traffic where you can post your links! Once you’ve posted to Reddit, post to VOAT. You want to avoid spamming, so goto other sources too.


This is obvious. Facebook has billions of users, so where better to post your links? Start a niche page or group, and post to groups that already exist in the niche you’re trying to promote.

StumbleUpon (MIX)

Now, this site is great if you’re trying fish some extra traffic. What used to be StumbleUpon, is now MIX. And they send suggested content to their users based on the user’s past reactions to the content they’ve viewed.


Again, we’ve got another no-brainer. You can build a following by posting relevant content, then start dropping your CPA offers. It’s really simple, straightforward. Make use of hashtags too.


You’re probably picking up on the trend here… We’re using social media sites for free traffic.

And one of the hottest social media platforms right now is Instagram. But, you need to post images and videos.

On the flip-side, the added effort means you get more traffic, more interactions, and more engagement than you would on sites that don’t utilize these media formats

User Submitted-Suggestions

Quora is a great place to promote your stuff too. It gives you the opportunity to answer questions, and provide relevant content before you link people to your funnel pages. But of course, avoid directly linking so that you don’t get yourself banned!

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