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When you’re first getting into CPA marketing, everything you read about can seem pretty daunting. Most people are pretty lost.

To give these places the traffic they deserve and to steer newbies in the correct direction, I am going to list the best places where you can learn how to make money with CPA.

By the way: you should sign up to CPAGrip, they’re a great CPA network!

1. CPAHero


This forum is one of my favourites. With over 46,000 members and 140,000 posts, there’s a wealth of information for you devour on CPA.

They also have a cool rewards system for posting too.

2. CPAElites

Hailed as the “original CPA marketing forum”, CPAElites has over 76k members.

There’s a lot of content, however, their premium system–in my opinion–is a bit messy. Reserving only certain parts of the forum for certain people.

3. Black Hat World

black hat world cpa marketing

Although this forum is dedicated to CPA marketing, there’s a fantastic CPA marketing section. There over 12,200 posts here that will surely help you.

Additionally, there’s a tonne of other information on relevant content like SEO and other ways of making money.

4. Backlinko


Again, although this blog is geared towards SEO and link building, not CPA, there are some phenomenal posts on CPA marketing there.

Specifically “the ultimate guide to CPA marketing“. This is an exceptional post for anyone that is looking to understand CPA as well as utilise it.

If you run some sort of CPA marketing community or learning resource, or you know of a great one, please comment below so I can add it to the list!

NOTE: I have a whole section devoted to CPA marketing that you should read through before you go to any of these sites!

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