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Beta Family Review: Make Money Testing The Latest Apps

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This article will show you how to make money by testing mobile apps on Beta Family.

What is Beta Family?

Beta Family is a site that connects app developers and testers. The developers get their apps tested, and the testers earn money testing them.

How much do they pay?

Tests usually earn you $10.00 a pop, and you can earn even more if you’re invited to private tests.

Signup to Beta Family

It’s free to signup to Beta Family; all you need is a name, payment address and mobile to test the apps with.

What apps do they offer?

The apps vary; you could be testing a game one minute and a music player the next.

You can choose what apps you want to test.

image 28 1024x275 1
The app categories that you can choose from

If you only want to test games, you can stick to games!

image 29 1024x485 1
Some of the games that’re currently available to test.

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