Binance does a number of really interesting things in the crypto industry. Of which, one of these things is that they run their own blockchain and incubate many dApps and Defi projects.

But to access, transact and accumulate these project’ tokens, you’ll need Binance‘s Smart Chain wallet.

In this guide, you’ll find out how to get a Binance Smart Chain wallet.


Head over to the site

image 51
The homepage

There’s quite a lot on the site, but this is where you’ll find the official links to what you’re looking for.

Scroll down to the Getting started with dApps” section.

Go to “Get Your Wallet”

You can use any of the other options given, but I prefer the Binance Chain Wallet extension.

It’s readily accessible. Just scroll down on the homepage and goto the Get your wallet panel and click View.

image 52
You can choose any wallet you want; Binance chain wallet is native to the Binance DEX however.

Install the Chrome extension

If you’re on Chrome, this will link you to the Chrome extension store, where you can install the Wallet.

image 53
Make sure the Chrome extension is offered by “Binance Chain”

Create a new Wallet

After installing, you’ll be able to access your wallet from your browser, like you would with MetaMask.

Make sure you remember your password. Once you’ll be given a recovery seed phrase. Store this is in a safe place. It’s super important.

And after storing, you’ll now have a working Binance wallet!


Creating a Binance Smart Chain wallet is simple: go to, find the Google Chrome extension link, install the extension, create a wallet, and there you have it!


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