List of Block Explorers

Block Explorers allow you to explore blockchains. Here are the best for each chain.

Block Explorers allow you to explore blockchains. Here are the best for each chain. I’ve highlighted the best ones in bold.

Bitcoin Block Explorers

Bitcoin. The largest of all cryptocurrencies by market cap, and the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Block Explorers

Ethereum. The first chain to incorporate smart contracts.

Avalanche Block Explorers

Avalanche is a high-performance, scalable blockchain.

Fantom Block Explorers

Fantom, a DAG-based blockchain.

Polygon Matic Block Explorers

Polygon, a hyper-fast Ethereum sidechain.

Solana Block Explorers

Solana, another high-performance blockchain.


What is a block explorer?

Block explorers are the best way to view your cryptocurrency transaction history. They can be used by anyone to view the latest blocks on a blockchain, as well as individual transactions. You’ll find that most block explorers also have APIs that can be used to automate data collection and analysis.

Block explorers are used primarily by miners because they verify incoming transactions without having to wait for full block confirmation. They’re also used by exchanges, businesses, and individuals who want to keep track of their cryptocurrency holdings.

How does a block explorer work?

A block explorer is an online tool that allows you to query the blockchain for information about transactions and blocks. Most block explorers also include some basic charts and graphs so you can visualize your data in an easy-to-read format.

The first step in using any blockchain explorer is finding out which address belongs to your wallet or exchange account. This can be done by entering your public key into Google or Binance’s API search bar (if applicable). You may need to use the “Request Information” feature if your public key doesn’t show up immediately.

Once you’ve located your public address, it’s time to query your transaction history! You’ll need to enter your public address into the search bar at the top of the page and hit search!

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