As you’ve probably noticed, if you’ve read a few of my other posts, I’m a big fan of SEOClerks. Firstly, because you can buy YouTube views that are cheap and have a high retention rate, and secondly, because there’s a whole host of other social media treats on there.

I know that it’s geared mostly towards SEO, but frankly I’m not a fan of black hat link building services, and the social media services available on there are awesome.

There’s a reason why I push people towards SEOClerks if they’re looking to buy YouTube views. It’s because you can view the sellers’ reputations, read their service feedback, and you have a middleman (the site admins) that can protect you.

Don’t bother going to random “buy YouTube views now” sites on Google where you can’t see any feedback or results. SEOClerks is super cheap; the fact that it’s competitive drives prices down, value up, and you ultimately get “more bargain for your buck”.

More to the point though, you’re here because you want to buy YouTube views. So here’s a list of some of the best YouTube services offered by some of the top sellers on SEOClerks.

Top 5 SEOClerks Sellers to Buy YouTube Views from

Of course this is all down to personal preference, but take my advice and go with these any of these sellers.


Now this seller not only sells YouTube views, but they sell a whole host of other social media services too–from instagram likes to soundcloud followers, you can buy anything. But specifically talking about the YouTube views services, you can get 2000(+) YouTube views for $1 in 24 hours.

buy youtube views seoclerks nikitaparu

The best part about nikita’s service is that they are high retention YouTube views, this means the views that you have bought will have watched a high percentage of the video. This ensures that your views don’t drop. YouTube views can drop for various reasons; you can read this discussion on some of the causes.

For all intents and purposes, Nikitaparu is the best person to go to if you’re looking buy YouTube views, especially if you’re looking for good quality, real YouTube views.


Now, if you’re looking to buy 1 million youtube views, this is the guy that you want to go to. Very few sellers such a service, and additionally very few sellers have any feedback to prove they’ve delivered on such an order. Although some of the reviews are a tad outdated for this exact service, you can check out their profile for the feedback on their smaller transactions.


This seller provides a similar service to nikita, but if you’re looking to buy strictly real YouTube views, then this could well be the better option.


If you’re looking to buy high retention YouTube views, you can get 5000 delivered by this guy, they have the best average delivery time: 2 days on average. So if you’ve looking for speed then you should fork out the little extra and get 5000 instead of the 2K offered by nikita, or the 3k offered by Rankbuilder.


Finally, if you want to buy a full YouTube package, including views, likes and thumbs-ups, this is the service to go with. What I really like about this sellers package is that they promise the views will come from various referrers. Having your views come from various referrers masks that you’ve purchased the views–paid views can often drop if they’re not from lots of referrers, or from the same IP addresses. On top of the views, if you wish to, you can throw in a few up votes and comments too!

If you have any questions then drop your comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Enjoy your YouTube views!

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