A good, clickbait thumbnail will get people clicking your articles and YouTube videos like crazy. You can make them with ease using Canva.

Canva is an online image editing platform that you can use to generate images that go well on all social media platforms.

If you want to get the most out of it, you should upgrade. But for the time being, try it for free.

Sign up to Canva; it’s free

Click on the Canva link anywhere on this site, and you’ll see their user-friendly sign-up page.

In the top-right corner, you’ll see the grey outlined sign-up button. Click that, fill in your details and verify your email. Once you’ve signed up with Canva, you’ll have access to their platform.

YouTube thumbnails on Canva

After logging in to Canva, you’ll see there is a considerable search bar, that defaults to “YouTube Thumbnail”. Search this, and you’ll see all of their templates.

Search for YouTube thumbnail on Canva

On the left-hand side, you’ll see a bunch of YouTube thumbnail templates, categorised by niche. Dependant on the style of thumbnail that you’re going for, you can choose whichever suits you.

Canva’s many YouTube thumbnail templates

How to choose a YouTube thumbnail

I’m going for a clickbait thumbnail, so I want one with bold, large text; something that will stand out amongst any weak thumbnails.

Choosing a thumbnail that has impact

Of course, you need to edit the content so that it’s more fitting. I’ve used this thumbnail for this article and YouTube video.

Add Emojis to your YouTube thumbnails

There’s something about emojis that pop out on YouTube. Whenever I see a thumbnail with an emoji, I’m drawn to it, as are many others.

Go over to Emojipedia and search for an emotion that you want to reflect on your thumbnail.

Choose an emoji for your thumbnail

Don’t copy the textual emoji, instead, find the variations on the image used by different social media sites and devices.

Variations of emojis on Emojipedia

By scrolling down and seeing more options, you can case an emoji that’s more fitting to the feel and colour scheme of the YouTube thumbnail that you’re making with Canva.

Copy the emoji so that you can paste it on your new thumbnail

I’m going to go with the one that has blue stars because the thumbnail it’s mostly blue. Makes sense, right?

Paste your emojis on to your Canva YouTube thumbnail

Click on the Canva image canvas and paste (Ctrl+V). Then make some final touches, and you’ll have something like this.

Paste your Emoji on your new thumbnail

Once you’re happy and perhaps thrown in some more emojis and sparkles. You’re ready to download your new clickbait thumbnail.

How to download YouTube thumbnails from Canva

Downloading your

Go to the Download button in the top-right section of the navigation bar, click it and then press Download.

Leave it as PNG for the time being, unless you’ve got a good reason not to.

Once it’s downloaded, you’re now ready to use it as you please. Replace your YouTube thumbnails, post them on Social Media or use it for your next blog post.


The beauty of this process is that Canva has a bunch of tools ready for you to create these thumbnails in minutes. Upgrade if you want to use it to it’s fullest!


They have a free 30-day trial too!

Until next time,


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