TryHackMe: Simple CTF (Write-Up)

Simple CTF is, as described, a simple CTF; by TryHackMe. This write-up is also available here. Simple CTF

TryHackMe: Linux Challenges (Write-up)

The Linux Challenges room gives a nice introduction to some general Linux commands, and generally usage of Linux commands to find loot.

TryHackMe: Mr Robot CTF (Write-up)

Based on the Mr Robot show, can you root this box from TryHackMe?
tryhackme kenobi

TryHackMe: Kenobi (Write-up)

Kenobi is TryHackMe CTF on exploiting Linux machines through Samba, proftpd and privilege escalation through manipulation of PATH variables.

TryHackMe: LFI Basics (Write-up)

LFI basics is a TryHackMe CTF focussed on Local File Inclusion vulnerabilities.
tryhackme agent sudo

TryHackMe: Agent Sudo (Write-up)

Agent Sudo is a TryHackMe CTF. It involves some manual enumeration, FTP brute-forcing with Hydra, SSH, then privilege escalate with a sudo...
bolt tryhackme

TryHackMe: Bolt (Write-up)

Bolt is a TryHackMe CTF. It has a focus on the Bolt CMS. We will be exploiting a remote code execution vulnerability.
hackthebox jerry

HackTheBox: Jerry (Write-up)

Jerry is a Windows-based CTF from HackTheBox. Initial Attempted to browse to host, but no response.
tryhackme pickle rick

TryHackMe: Pickle Rick (Write-up)

Pickle Rick is a TryHackMe CTF requiring you to exploit a web-server in order to find 3 ingredients.

TryHackMe: Git Happens (Write-up)

This was a really fun CTF. Involves exploiting a poorly setup Git. Took me a a couple hours to do it, but rewarding the end.