Nothing in life is free; aside from when you goto Coinbase.

To put it in simple terms, when you’re invited to Coinbase by a friend, and you’re a new user, you get free Bitcoin. In fact, you both do.

Click the Coinbase link anywhere on this page to get your invite, I’ll be your friend!

Coinbase gives both parties involved $10 each

It’s pretty simple to redeem; you sign-up, fill in your details, buy some Bitcoin and hey-presto the bonus is added on.

So yes, there is a minor catch. You do have to purchase Bitcoin from them.

There’s a really quick way to turn the Bitcoin into cash

Once you’ve purchased the Bitcoin, you can go ahead and sell it straight back to Coinbase.

However, there’s a more efficient method. One where you can receive your cash directly into your bank within minutes.

It does require you to sign-up at another place, but this site is where the quick-withdrawal magic happens.

Send your Bitcoin over to LocalBitcoins

Again, sign-up to LocalBitcoins by clicking the relevant link anywhere on this page.

Once you’ve signed-up, fill in your profile details and locate your Bitcoin address.

Then, go to your Coinbase account and send your Bitcoin balance over. Once it’s received, you can go over the Sell Bitcoin section on LocalBitcoins and find a trader.

Pick a trader that has a good rating and a good price. And open a trade.

When you sell Bitcoin on LocalBitcoins, the other person goes first

You’re very secure in that the other person goes first, and your new Bitcoin will be held in escrow.

So, open trade, and fill in the appropriate details; this may be your account number and sort-code, or your PayPal address if you choose to go down that avenue.

Await their payment, verify you’ve received it, and hey-presto.

Until next time,



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